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Gundam 00 S2 Op2 video clip
January 11, 2009, 7:36 pm
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Download AVI (Mediafire) 


Here are some new screens from Gundam 00 Ep.14


Seraphim Gundam unviled!


Mr. Bushido’s new MS


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Too much nudity… Seed ?

Comment by NT01

Mr Bushido new robot looks SWEET
the song isnt bad

“Namida no Mukou (泪のムコウ; Across from the Tears)” by Stereopony

Comment by Ereos

As expected from the song, i feel a lot of love atmosphere in the opening, anyway still wait for the “sharpest sword” cause from the opening Graham still only use double katana

Comment by Rekkou

I think that’s one hell of a powerful intro 🙂

And the Seravee’s secret looks a lot better than I tought it would.

Comment by Shiro

Bushido’s new MS reminds me of Daizengar…

Comment by Rune

good news that the seraphim gundam hasnt feminime looks like nadleeh.
and mr.bushido “samurai gn flag” is truly a sengoku gundam.

Comment by fidi_kolovo

to be honest i was a little skeptical about the song, but in the end im happy i was wrong… the song suits the op animation very well…. very pleased with it!!

Comment by kureha

Graham’s new mobile suit seems to be much more fitting with the title Mr Bushido than the Ahead was.
I think that the Seraphim at the very least, looks interesting. I haven’t seen the latest episode yet but I’m sure that there’s going to be a gimmick to it. Can’t wait to see it though.

Comment by D-kun

Wow, it DOES look like it has a face for a body. O_o

Comment by Nameless

Mr. Bushido’s new MS has Trams-Arm or something…

Comment by realgundam

Hmmm, I was thinking Graham’s new suit would use the GN drive they took from Kyrios.

Comment by DarkCode

Dark Code:
Kyrios’s GN Drive still in CB’s hand and curently used by Arios, Fon Spark retrieve the GN Drive from Kyrios after the last battle of season 1, but unfortunately he forgot all about Allelujah

Comment by Rekkou


Comment by Debris

O hey…CV hasn’t complained about the Gundam with a ‘tumor’ and how he secretly watches the show to see how ‘horrible’ and ‘faggotries’, and how Bushido’s mech looks like a playboy bunny or something equally retarded >
Or how something that’s full of ‘faggotries’ can have naked woman in the OP or something, it’s like they’re reading his mind =\

Comment by lxs

there maybe more secret in Seraphim XD it may actually be able to combine or seomthing… lol

Comment by realgundam

The lyrics quite gloom though.

Comment by otakubouzu

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Comment by Sofa Slipcover ·

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Comment by Fire Basket

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