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HG Seraphim Gundam
January 13, 2009, 5:12 pm
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From Hobby Net: 

Upcoming next HG from Gundam 00 will be Seraphim Gundam. Release on Feb.


From Amiami Shop:

Amiami Shop has new pics of Robot Soul <SIDE MS> Seravee Gundam.

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Fully, transformable eh?, maybe it’ll be quite funny if we add another Seraphim Gundam to Seraphim’s back, and its cool and cheap

Comment by Rekkou

we dont even know what can Seraphim Gundam can do as well… but change his hands back to cannons

Comment by Ereos

watch the latest episode to see what seraphim did

Comment by Anonymous

Seraphim should changes its name to Rockman Gundam since it’s a X and Zero as one. No matter how Mizushima keep adds on obvious secrets, they only end up as failures because these gigs aren’t all that fancy. Hell, even sentai-powerrangers megazords got more tricks than 00 Gundams. What a shame

Comment by codename:v

why dont you watch power-rangers instead?
or work at bandai as mecha-designer instead of moaning all the time about gundam 00?
why are you even make the bother to watch the episodes? why you have the sick idea that you are a harcore gundam fan? i dont think your name ends in “tomino”..

Comment by fidi_kolovo

His middle name apparently was “fanboy”. He can’t find these in other Gundam series and he wanted to make 00 seem unoriginal so he pulled unrelated mecha series into his arguments. Going by his logic Zeta would be a rip-off of Transformers XD

Comment by Guara

Remember kids, whenever you use a beam saber or a hand that turns into a cannon, you are OBVIOUSLY ripping off X and Zero.

Giving an argument like that any weight would be an insult to logic.

Comment by DarkCode

I thought Beam Sabers were more of a rip off of Light Sabers. XD

That body frame… I don’t know whether they’re trying to throw people off or we’re going to see a giant Gundam soon.

Comment by Nameless

Beam sabers & Light Sabers are rip off from ordinary flash light. Arguing something like this is actually meaningless. Its like if you keep blaming other people you’ll ended up blame God

by the way Seraphim supposedly to be able to mount the GN Bazooka on his hand

Comment by Rekkou

Check out CV’s Gundam Musha, its pretty cool XD
I can’t seem to place my finger on it, but it reminds me of something…

if Seraphim can mount the GN II Bazookas on the hands, can it combine the two halves too? I wonder where Seraphim stores the beam sabers? I can see where the GN drive is, but any ideas about the cockpit’s location?

Comment by BlueAleseides

Maybe it’s just me, but I personally love to read CV’s comments. They’re just so silly and trollish that I kind of look forward to reading them for a good chuckle.
Also, Nadleeh is closer to Zero than Seraphim since it has that long flowing hair. And Seraphim doesn’t have the green orbs. Or a green Z-saber either. Y’know, now that I think about it… there’s almost no similarities to what CV’s trying to state. What a concept, a rash and hurried argument with little background or thought put into it. As to be expected I suppose…

Comment by D-kun

Always stuuuupid comment from cv. about the CV’s pic, i would said

gundam soldier is rip-off from dynames shield plade, gundam cannon’s head eith gm style, and combination of virtual-on and armslave parts too.

musya’s face taken from delta plus, body from delta astray, modification chaos gundam’s legs.

Piranha Gundam (what a lame name) slide view more like regenerate gundam, brain powerd face, Geara Zee-Zulu armaments, customize dynames’ feet.

And Naked gundam (More lame) it like ‘naked’ ver of Bolt gundam

Actually its nice pic. But is this your concept about originality with no rip-off from someone idea? You must learn to appreciate other works

Comment by Anonymous

Are you sure? so far i believe those judgment are made based on your personal hatred to V, i recognize zero similarity between the gundam and the mecha you mentioned

Comment by Rekkou

Terrible designs. It’s funny that the Unicorn Novel has better Mobile suit designs than 00.

Comment by KrylonBlue

Ugly mobile suit designs

Comment by KrylonBlue


Comment by KBlue

hmm, Naked Gundam reminds me of ARX-7 Arbalest.

Comment by Shin

hey guys lets just stick to the topic? no point talking about a wannabe gundam designer who has nothing else to say other than to bit*h on REAL gundam designers works..btw does the GN drive is in seraphim gundam in this mode right? if so im curious to see how seravee would fair without the GN drive..

Comment by kureha

I think Sevaree houses the weapons of Seraphim Gundam acting like a weapon repository of some sort. See the bulkiness of Sevaree hahaha XD and also I think it’s beam saber where from Sevaree.

Comment by heatnix18

WTF, What a lame name and weird design. V, is this your originality about mecha “gundam design?
it is nothing than joke for G Gundam series.

Back to topic, Seraphim looks like escape pod which still can fight back, not like gadessa or garrazo. even it has more capability than core fighter

Comment by Epsilon_013

I think it’s funny and sad that CV is posting on alternate names trying to think more bash it needlessly as he does.

Comment by DarkCode

Some how I knew some hidden gundam will be part of Seravee. The leak from previous post “personal mod” is actually the real thing. Neat to see it on new episode.

Cool idea but ugly, I guess it will grow on me eventually just like Virtue and Nadeeleh did.

P.S. why is the god damn OOraiser so expensive for 2 sheets of large plastic with large parts? Want to have it for the GN0000 but I can use it for a complete kit for a 1/144 or 1/100 on sale. Akiba is a magical place!

Comment by Kosmos

I doubt this will happen at this point, but it wouldn’t be bad if Servee could convert into a cannon/artillery base for Seraphim (think Hyaku Shiki & Hyper Mega Bazooka).

Damn you 00, you got me thinking (hoping) everything will do something 😛

Comment by BlueAleseides

I think the design is interesting. I just want to know if once Seraphim is seperated if the Seravee is just limp? Anyways, I thought the Nadleeh’s hair thing was pretty silly, so this mobile suit seems to at least make more sense… as much sense as 00 makes anyways.

Comment by injuredpelican

actually, if you quite creative the Seraphim can transform to some sort of a Giant Cannon, by mounting & combining the GN Bazooka on its arm

Comment by Rekkou

does megaman have busters at both hands that he can fire at the same time?????

well now i think thats is different right???

Comment by enjine

i find good the desings, i pretty much hate more seed and seed destiny uver gundams.
this gundams, while powerfull are possible to defeat by inferior units, graham and ali had own those gundams on inferior units.
in seed even athrun couldnt defeat shinn on a gouf, a pretty advance suit, slightly inferior to gundams.

s1 suits were pretty cool, exia and kyrios were awesome.
the s2 suits are less cool but still are good enough.

Comment by kato

the whole concept about the design is to embody the angel seraphim in seravee. seraphim the angel with six wings=seravee, robot with six arms.

now deal with it. it’s not a repo-robot, not a head for a bigger gattai. just an embodiment of a symbol.

Comment by Frito

CV’s comment are really a bunch of crap
are you thinking that you are better than the designers?
your naked gundam are a pile of rip offs.
and more
fidi_kolovo was right,you should go watch sentai

Comment by Anonymous

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