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Bazooka for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka
January 14, 2009, 11:38 am
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wow how much is gonna be???

Comment by Anonymous

how much is gonna be in canadian??

Comment by asian1skill

It comes with the book volume 7 special edition and I doubt any of you fags will read

Comment by codename:v

Hey kid “CV”, I couldnt read it even I wanted read it, is Moonspeak. 11s language.-{No offense}
When I am done.
I usually let my kids draw and color the blank liner pages.

Comment by ottoto

Can we get someone to ban the shit out of codename v?

Comment by Anonymous

Unfortunetely, i doubt to ban CV. since it is a blog. Ngee Khiong wanted to do that too. CV is hikikomori troll master with idiotic comment who proud with his absurd originality.

Comment by Fighters

I Plan on translating the Unicorn Novels soon to English. Strangely it will be thanks to codename:v who posted the Mandarin translation website of Gundam Unicorn.

Now he will look like a stupid idiot when everyone can read Unicorn.

Comment by Delta

Funny thing being that no one actually asked where it came from. Yet that’s the matter he chose to address…

Comment by D-kun

Great I have to get the book to get the bazooka. Too bad I can’t read Japanese. Does it also come with a Shinanju poster?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

cv gets a big kick of trolling the sh!t out of everyone. ignoring him doesn’t do anything good either, as he’ll/she’ll/IT will just keep yapping his mouth off, maybe he’s got ADHD, he’s living in his own world 😛

back on topic, i saw another scan that showed the Sinanju bazooka combined with the rifle. pretty nifty feature 🙂

Comment by valkyriepilot

why would they need to read it when all they want is a piece of plastic? =\

Not that you can read Japanese either, so I don’t understand your logic….not that you make sense anyways >

Comment by lxs

So it’s just the bazooka… even though it’s a really cool bazooka? How many weapons does the Sinanju have?

Comment by injuredpelican

oooooohhhhhhh hell yea! the sinanju just got a hell lot more badass 😀 i love its slim muscular design with gold trimming and now with a kick ass bazooka? score! hmmmm wonder if i can get this another way 🙂

Comment by d-rail

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