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January 14, 2009, 10:33 am
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Update Hi-Res scans.

Super Robot Wars K for NDS

Release date: April 2009

Series list:

Overman King Gainer
Fafner of the Azure (new)
Virtual-On Marz
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED DESTINY
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED C.E.73 STARGAZER (new)
Mazinger Z
Shin Jeeg (new)
Zoids Genesis (new)
Gun X Sword (new)
*Banpresto Originals


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Ugh… Only Seed series for Gundam?

Comment by thepyro

Yeah, I know what you mean, unless you’re including the Astray series. Kinda sick and tried of Freedom. However, I am intrigued about Stargazer… and kinda confused. But, I guess, SRW couldn’t find decent Real type units to use? o_o; (And doubtful that 00 would be used since the series isn’t even finished)

Comment by Nameless

Nice to see Zoids getting some attention finally.

Comment by kitfox3

Zoid is cool and all, but I know nothing about Genesis. Chaotic Century would have been better, but that’s just me. Hm, I wonder if Genesis is any good though.

Comment by Bolinoak

zoids??? for real???

Comment by Wookieman

Look how unoriginal everything is! That Terada FAGGOT knows nothing about being original, only ripping off popular things. This is why you FAGGOTS won’t amount to anything!#@!!@!#!@!!

….if cv says anything different, other than a possible reply to this….I’ll be surprised >

Comment by lxs

I actually enjoyed Zoids Genesis a good bit. Although the show I’m really glad that’s in there is Godannar. They should make for some pretty cool Super Robot units in the game.

Comment by D-kun


Comment by NT01

Zoids appearance really surprise me, any news about the Original unit? and i believe there’ll be funny scene about Seed Character mistaking Kazuki as Shinn or vice versa

Comment by Rekkou

infinitely. he rocks Japan’s Gundam world.

personally, its ok that it breaks a few rules because its a handheld. nothing to worry about. moreover, I’m looking forward to the GUN X SWORD version of GaoGaiGar fighting alongside Jeeg and the Daiking triplets.

I’m more dissapointed in the fact there no spoilers about the Originals though, much less the fact that its not OG3. however, depending on the story and background on this for its originals, it can only make OG3 and beyond that much crazier/better.

Comment by Avasuule

GUNDAM STARGAZER OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by soul

Mazinger again? Boring… They should add Vandread instead. We don’t need Mazinger in EVERY SRW.
Btw, this title look very bad ass! GUN X SWORD!! And anyone know if this is the full cast list? Or there is more to confirmed? When Z announced, next week they update the cast list.

Comment by amuro0093

Will play this game just for the Hirashi Hirai-related lulz.

Comment by Anonymous

kazuki is gonna be my top ace for sure, kinda bored multilocking with freedom all the time >.< even with the dragoons….

dun u think its kinda disappointing that this game is gonna be on ds?? with all the "boin" action lol (priscilla, fasalina, godannar chars etc)

Comment by Balgora

At last Goooooodannar is in action Woow

Comment by srw4ever

Didn’t see this comming. Yay for Fafner.

Comment by Anonymous

I would sound different if SRW dare to be different than just giving blowjobs for faggots, so what’s new about SRW? Doesn’t this faggotry keep repeats itself year after year?

Fafner and SEED franchise no doubt looked like they are related with the same shitty character designs done by the same shitty designer. Why not they throw in the Linebarrels so that SRW can be shittier?

Gaiking Maryu and Shin Jeeg are no doubt remakes of the old 1970s animes and we got Grampa Mazinger joins the fun with his grandchildrens. SRW just can’t be short of Mazingers because Terada sucks Aniki’s cock.

ZOIDS animes are boring as hell and those ligers are nothing more but kittens playing yarnballs than big cats mauling each other. I suppose they can be tamed with kitty treats? Here kitty kitty kitty…

So what’s new anyway? You can get newer borrowed mechs and more explosions with boobs flashed across screen, however at the end, it’s just the same old faggotry faggots has been playing for nearly 20 years and it has never changes. Why so obsessed?

Lastly, Terada did mention that he wants to do a Magical Girls Taisen ala SRW and my guess is that will means the end of SRW…

Comment by codename:v

Terada says that this game is geared towards a younger public, acknowledging that the portable market has many young users, as always promotes the animation (since it’s pretty much the only thing worth promoting now-a-days) by stating that it’s more spectacular than W, has a lot of cut-ins (expected when one sees that Godannar is included, thus giving more credibility that “K” stands for “Kimoi”, although he says that it can stand for “Keitai”), and that it has some kind of new system called “Personal Battle System”. K is also promoted as a good starting point for new players.

Couldn’t find any indication if it will have voice acting or not.

Comment by Anonymous

Godannar FUCK YEAH !

Comment by Anonymous

Well code, I prefer to have the same old SRW with refinement than to have a Mugen.

Now THAT was something worth calling a faggotry.

Comment by Anonymous

GUN X SWORD ???????

Finally it appears in an SRW 😛

Comment by Nova MK X


Hanheld. Dame. No vioce. Not Kool.
For a Old man like me. Hand held game is not very suitable for the public viewpoint of me you know.

Thats why I play games at home.

Comment by ottoto

Molto bello!!

Comment by Debris

Wow, sounds awesome, great new additions.

Also, to CV, I’ve noticed that you always seem angry, and never have anything good to say about anything. What exactly is your problem?

Comment by YuKigono

No, for NDS! 😦 PSP is better… better graphics, better sound, and you can connect it to an HD monitor via component cable.

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Super Robot Wars K for NDSi ???

Comment by Debris

[…] fornisce un servizio ben ricco di note ed immagini a cui ci sembra,in questo momento di dover rimandare…anche considerando i molti commenti che stanno facendo gli utenti della nota […]

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@C:V “Why so obsessed?”

Quite a big word from you, being the one to write a huge wall-o-text which most of us here would forget in less than 5 minutes. Save yourself the trouble of thinking any new ways to insult and just type “I’m here to troll, kthnxbye”. We’ll get the message.

Nice to see Virtual-On is still in the roster ^_^

Comment by Guara

I’m a little disappointed with only SEED Gundam. I’m growing real bored with it in my SRW. Stargazer is pretty cool though.
Zoids Genesis? FFFFFFFFFFFUCK YEAR! Its my Favorite Zods.
Kotetsushin Jeeg? I came
Godannar? Awesome
Overman King Gainer? YES! A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!
Gaiking LEGEND OF DAIKU MARYU? ….How much awesome can a guy take!?
I’m a little surprised they didnt use New Getter, since the majority of the mechs here are from the 2000s

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

Don’t you feel tired trolling. Seriously rather than just angry all the time just because SRW or recent Gundam don’t impress you, better just enjoy or shut up. I think that should make You feel better

Comment by ii hito

why dont they add vandread, code geass and dual instead of zoids!!! besides, zoids cant float on space i think

Comment by dexter

Honestly, this line-up is even more meh-worthy than Z. At least they acknowledge this and as such it’s getting released on a portable.

Comment by Anonymous

ewwww for everything except king gainer and zoids.

I wish they’d have grendizer more often.

Comment by Ekove

From ngeekhiong blogspot to here… CV really is a pain in the… owww Koutetsushinjeeg and Gaiking Daikumaryu… Damn!!!!! close line up to my dream SRW… lacks code geass and vandread and aquarion and sin(new) getter robo and eureka 7 and Bakumatsu tenshi… and some other series I can think of… Damn pretty neat… Yes even I have enough of kira yamato… but hey its kira… Zoids is a nice addition…

Comment by Damn it

noooo gundam seed again ? 5 titles features gundam seed and with this one it makes 6 … where is zeta gundam T_T???

Comment by Romário

It has been a Seed fest ever since the restructure. I wonder why…

Comment by Anonymous

woooooooooowww!!! this’is greaaaaaaaaat
i played on srw w on ds it’s verry good but srw z in ps2 it’s verry verry good the grafique and the new animetion .
but this’is a new super robot wars in the DS i’m verry happy ok thank’s banpresto and thank’s

Comment by ikki28

OMG YESSS!! Finally, something else to play on my DS than W! Can’t wait for this thing to come out! But no Gao Gai Gar, again… Last time he was seen, it was in W… He should SO replace Mazinger Z… Though Japan is populated by 20% of Mazin fantakus. But hey, Godannar! BOUNCING! W00T!!

Comment by Tabion

It’s becoming a habbit of Terada now as he will does 2 SRWs per year, after a DS then a home console version.

As for any those who wish for OG3 release, give it up coz’ it will never happens as faggots like you never enjoy OG characters and always bitch about TTGL, GGG, 00 and SEED. You got yourself to blamed. For this DS SRW, I guess Terada picks an appropriate name-K as for Krap because all this time, SRW is pretty Krappy

Comment by codename:v


Trolling 4chan’s /m/ wasn’t enough, was it? Nooo. You want to irritate almost every board on the internet.

Besides, I don’t recall YOU saying ANYTHING good about the OG series either, so why would YOU care?

Comment by RBS

Did they rip Strike Gundam straight off from SRW J and SRW W ? and Kira’s face is like “Look at my eyes, they are beautiful”.

Comment by NT01

Interesting that they didn’t mark Godannar as new, I guess they counted that RTS game as an SRW. I would have never believed they’d use Zoids though.

Comment by Milkman Dan

As for any those who wish for OG3 release, give it up coz’ it will never happens as faggots like you never enjoy OG characters and always bitch about TTGL, GGG, 00 and SEED. You got yourself to blamed. For this DS SRW, I guess Terada picks an appropriate name-K as for Krap because all this time, SRW is pretty Krappy
So…since you’ve always stated how much you disliked OG characters…does this mean you secretely like them CV?

Comment by Anonymous

Owie Code V, you’re just angry because Terada never listen to you about OG3 huh? That’s why you trolling everywhere everytime. How sweeeet. Your attitude is just like my 5 years old nephew.

As for those who speak craps like “Seed Festival” or “Ugh Kira again” or “Seed 5 game in a row” or whatever, look at Mazinger. That old man appear in every fucking game and noboy seems to care. People just say “He’s a legend” or “SRW won’t be same without Mazinger”. That’s a bullshit

Comment by Anonymous

Whut? It’s back to using Chief for VO Marz? Aw and I thought they’d be using the bosses for Marz as well. Daymn!

Comment by spitze

zoids is finally in a SRW game! but SEED is getting old and tiring and wasnt there suppose to be a “movie” that was coming out?(i wonder wat happen to it xD) but here’s hoping that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will make an apperance soon. In my view Fafner was a below avg. mech anime =(

Comment by RED-AGENT

I should come here more often, just for codename:v’s posts. His trolling on /m/ is just not enough

Comment by a tripfag

Hmm, seriously what so tiring about SEED? Don’t speak craps such as “5 times in a row”.
Mazinger appears in ALL 26 SRW games and nobody seem getting tired of that old man. People say “He’s a Legend” or “SRW would never same without Mazinger”. That’s a BULLSHIT!

Comment by Anonymous

No matter how Fag a gundam is you’ll watch it
No matter how shit SRW is you’ll play it
Bear it, its in our blood, and i’m proud with it

Comment by Rekkou

>Mazinger appears in ALL 26 SRW games and nobody seem getting tired of that old man. People say “He’s a Legend” or “SRW would never same without Mazinger”. That’s a BULLSHIT!

What are you, a newfag? Jesus. Tons of people complain about Mazinger, but it is a fact that it’s the most important mecha series EVER. Tetsujin 28 and Astro Boy came first, but without Mazinger Z there would be NO gundam seed whatsoever. That’s why it should always be around, in my opinion. Regardless, 5 times in a row is a whole lot, and seed could use a rest. It’s not like there’s that much plot to do. Early UC Gundam is overdone, and most UC fans who play SRW admit it. So why don’t seedfags?

Comment by a tripfag

im waiting for it it looks gread, a clean up srw,
that what i hopped for , shin aska and seven in a role its going to be a geat showdown ….. now we are talking dangaioh and goddennar are my favorit and i hope that mazinger z would be deviloped into mazenkaizer.

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

SRW K… part of a nutritious breakfast.

I was hoping for OG3, but I guess something that big has to be planned out more, and in secret. And I can see why SRW K is for NDS… they’re reusing spirits from pass games. Since majority of their sprites were made for GBA and NDS… make sense why they’re make it for NDS once again. Regardless, I’m glad they’re not putting all their effort into making SRW K into PSP. It brings hope that OG3 might come about faster. =b

Comment by Nameless

to salah odeh Mazinkaesar :

you can have my DS brother any time you want i still play the srw w till this day its great and the k looks great too i love the seed saga strike noir and destiny are the best Tereada always fixed thier story line to the best as he did in the z secret path. im bored of the uc , wing and g gundam, now is the seed next is the OO gundam.
do not tell me you do not like goddannar and digaioh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

As for any those who wish for OG3 release, give it up coz’ it will never happens as faggots like you never enjoy OG characters and always bitch about TTGL, GGG, 00 and SEED…

WHOA~! Sounds a hell lot like someone we all know!!

Comment by Guara

sorry, correction – to SALAH ODEH DYZINGER

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

Mmmmm…Do you notice there are MANY super robot?and only 2-3 real robot?

Comment by 00 Raiser

While the thought of Freedom Gundam and Kira Yamato are enough to make me physically ill, Stargazer sort of makes up for it.

Comment by crimson_oath

I hope that the CE series get a Z and ZZ at the same time treatment, aka, Seed Kira dealing with Seed Destiny story, and just never make Destiny Kira show up.

I really hope this…rather have Kira be like the SRW Z’s Amuro, aka the Z Gundam Amuro that get’s the Hi Nu Gundam after using the Rick Dias/Gundam MK II, the REGZ, than letting Destiny Kira (and any of the Destiny version of the Old Cast) show up….

Comment by Metzen

Pilots i think i’ll be favoring:
Fafner – Kazuki
GunXSword – Van
Kenji & Hiroshi

Getting Gaiking the Great & Kotetsushin Jeeg, the dragon X tiger of SRWK during the latter part of the game is gonna be sweet.

Comment by Yuu

Gaiking The Great + Kotetsushin Jeeg + Godannar with the Triple Pasma Drive = Armageddon!

Only, I miss Getter ;___;

Comment by MazinKaesar


Comment by codename:v

Man, i hope the got the Eldora Soul as playable unit 😛

Comment by Nova MK X

Guara, have you gone mentally insane? The OG characters are great bundle of parody goodness!

…or have you caught the V-Virus? O_o

Comment by Nameless

That’s what I call stupid reason.
“Regardless, 5 times in a row is a whole lot, and seed could use a rest”
Let’s do some math. 5 in a row and 26 games in a row. Which one is more tiring
“It’s not like there’s that much plot to do.”
That’s exactly what Mazinger was in SRWZ. No enemy, no plot, no new voice.
“Early UC Gundam is overdone, and most UC fans who play SRW admit it. So why don’t seedfags?”
Yeah so why don’t Mazinger?

Comment by Anonymous

Fafner and Gun X Sword? Yeah! Zoids is a shocker too me as well.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Stargazer!! I get to use Stike Noir!

Comment by Freedom Gundam

K now? what the hell…

Comment by realgundam


That was a quote from V actually, I forgot to put the quotation marks to quarantine that lame comment he did and before I knew it, I hit the “say it” button :p

Comment by Guara

Ah finally Something new.
Hopes “No cash” Will work

I’ll Nvr seen Fafner or gunxsword its time to catch up i think.

On the other hand…Its DK Spree time!

Comment by Redcomet86

Redcomet36…… please get a DS and buy the game 😦
Don’t Pirate it 😦

Comment by Nova MK X

Hmm..i did not say i didnt have a DS.but that also dosent mean i need to buy the game 🙂

Comment by Redcomet86

I’m Really Tired of this………
Why ?!?!
No New Getter Or Shin Armaggedon
or Even Neo Getter Robo
And No kaiser
I’m Tired I’m out of here…………..

Comment by srx121

man you guys sure bitch alot would you be happier with no srw at all?

Comment by Anonymous

@ srx121

hi srx121 its ok i love mazenkizer and shin getter more than you think, if these two were not in srw that meen there is no super robots in the game. i hope at leasts mazinger z would be upegraded into mazenkizer, parhapes mazenkizre in srw k is there as a robot not as a series like shin getter in the w, but the problem is in steel jeeq story line, what makes even mazenger z does not been made !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara (Mo'nes Ali)

Only SEED representing gundam? I’m surprised they didn’t at least through in 2 or 3 UC gundams… I’m really surprised that Zoids is in it. Their mecha seems pretty limited compared to most others.

Comment by injuredpelican

Surprising cast, but not a great one. Looks pretty shitty to me. Z cast was a LOT better IMHO. God I’m so sick of seeing Kira and his damn unoriginal gundam in every SRW games nowadays. And yes, the designer for SEED series and Fafner is the same. Horribly unorginal designer, you can tell by the same looking dumb characters.

And why the hell does the DS get all the new SRW, while psp gets the rehashes? Little bias there don’t you think?

Comment by shady123


Yes we all know code. You suck everyone’s cock on every internet boards. I’m surprised that you never get tired of trolling. Man you sure like to waste a LOT of time on stupid wall of text comments huh?

Comment by shady123

I love the real-robot cast. The units themselves may not be great in terms of originality or balance, but I think their idea was to go for ones that is visually pleasing (assuming you’re not too huge a fan, which most of us are…) at first glance. I predict that the next nintendo handheld’s srw line-up will probably include destiny astray and delta astray and possibly frame astray…? i hope they get Code geass, Zegapain, more of the brave saga and the eldran series at some point, but that may be a bit too much to wish for all at once. I am SO excited for this game. (bringing back UC would be nice too… although i don’t see it happening in this trend)

Comment by Ex-S

l think the reason why uc gundam are not in recent games is bcuz of the different generation gap. Most of us here grew up with the uc gundam as the base of real robot but since this game is aim at a younger audience i think they want to start a new trend with seed as its first. But i still have to say SeedD was not the best follow-up, Seed in my view was like a remake of 0079 gundam but gear towards a new fanbase. Like how the old srw games started out with the “holy trinity – Mazinger Z, Getter, and UC timeline” in most of the games, i guess now they are looking for a new “trinity” or watever to start off yet another long term fanbase for srw. My frist srw was F and F final, and as l play more srw games the more mecha show i got intro to. So not getting the bots we love can be a bit down but i think we should just be happy that there’s another new srw game for everyone to enjoy.

Comment by RED-AGENT

Fafner? Shin-Jeeg? Those two series alone make this game worth it for me. Having all 3 CE series on top of that is just icing on the cake. I do find ZOIDS a strange edition though, but I thought it was inevitable that they would include it. I may just have to shell out the $130 and finally play W and this game.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

Yay new SRW for the DS 🙂
but what the hell is wrong with banpresto?!
is it too much to change the map graphic? atleast make the robots heads colorfull not just blue and red…..although they really put some kick-ass new robots:)

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

Who has the other scanned pages in HQ??? superrobotwar, can’t you find them?

Comment by Folka

“if these two were not in srw that meen there is no super robots in the game.”

Akeara, the term “super robot” applies to an entire genre, including Shin Jeeg, Gaiking, and Godannar.

Comment by Milkman Dan

fkc u cv

Comment by Anonymous

Van….. great

Comment by Anonymous

Damn it, banpresto should start make srt for PS3!!

Comment by Anonymous

*sighs* Seriously why Seed again? I’ve really had enough of that unoriginal, UC rip-offing Gundam that I really start to lose my temper whenever someone says that Kira Yamato is “Jesus” or a random seed fanboy says “OMG Strike Freedom is the best!”

Oh well not like I’ll be using Kira anyways he can just stay by the sidelines and collect dust for all I care. Zoids Genesis for the win. :3 Kotona Elegance. ❤

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Skany z magazynu zawierające obrazki z gry możecie obejrzeć pod tym linkiem. […]

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a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Bless you!

Comment by talking tom cat games

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