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Fairlion Type-S 1/144
January 15, 2009, 4:17 pm
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Upcoming next SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya.

Fairlion Type-S 1/144

Release date: May

Price: 3675 yen


Download (Fairlion Type-S 1/144 preview pics)


Unit Name: Fairlion
Model Number: XAM-007S/G
Height: 15.4 Meters
Weight: 28.3 Tons
Pilot: Latun Subbota (S), Princess Schine Hauzen (G)
Weapons: Assault Blade, Roll Cannon, Bostock Laser, and Sonic Driver.

It’s an Armored Module that was developed in secrecy at Tesla Leicht Institute by request of the Dukedom of Riksent. It was created by Filio Presty and Jonathan Kazahara. They modelled the units after their own fantasies and hobbies, such as idol dancing. They also made the units have a more feminine look by adding a skirt and hair pieces.

Several of the features and technologies found within the Astelion were used on this unit. It’s equipped with a miniaturized Tesla Drive, and is also capable of using a energy field barrier, missile jammer, and a hyper jammer.

Schine’s pilots the G unit, which differs in colors compared to Latun’s S unit. Since Schine isn’t a pilot, a special man-machine interface was installed on their units, called the W-I3NK system, which allows Latun to remotely control Schine’s unit on the battlefield, ensuring her safety. It also send data over instantly.
*Mecha data from The Gate of Magus

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Maybe it’s just because this is the first time I’ve seen it at real-scale, but I never noticed how huge Fairlion’s skirt is… I hope the posability’s okay on this one, since this seems like the sort of model you’d like to get into a nice RHB dance pose.

Comment by D-kun

The Fairlion’s possability is just plain stiff and so far it can shows its ass for loli-faggots to stick their dicks into it. Call yourself mechafans? You all are everything that are shameful, faggots

Comment by codename:v

Wow, V, you’re out for SO much man love… I’ve never seen someone so clearly desiring to hold some man-meat… It makes me a little uncomfortable… Look, I’m flattered, but I really don’t swing that way. But hey, this is the internet! There’s got to be websites for people like you!

Comment by Tabion

hey, v?

What goes on the internet STAY on the internet.

Better on the net than in real life, I say.

Comment by RBS

So fucking moe!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Guys, in case you didn’t know: no matter how much codename:v flames you, he buys all these figures and plays SRW just as much as you, if not more.

Comment by Milkman Dan

STFU you fucking sea nigger!

Comment by Anonymous

Holy s***……Fairlion?
OK, “If Shine’s version will be released or not” is one thing, will I buy this will be another.
At least I won’t for now. I’m not too fond of the designs anyway (they’re useful in game though), and its mobility doesn’t seem to be that great when compared with all those awesome kits before, yet it costs lots……

Comment by BrianGeneral

Code V just angry because Terada didn’t grant his beloved OG3, just like my 8 years old brother. How cute

Comment by Haseo

It’s funny how he won’t bring up Fei-Yen/Angelan/Guarayakha from the Virtual-On series to make some comparison…oh wait, i forgot that he’s a Katoki-fanfaggot XD

Comment by Guara

All that is wrong with SRW, fuck you Terada.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

Really ugly for a sub 4000yen kit. Sticking with the new Macross and LineBarrel kits for similar price range.

Comment by Kosmos

don’t feed the troll ‘V’, plz.
I like it more than GN-archer.waitng to see the real product.

(Sorry,I’m not strong in english)

Comment by Hi-NuGun

Where’s my Dis Astranagant at, bastards? I’m sick of the crappiest OG mecha getting kits and the best original in any SRW not getting the love it deserves.

Comment by Amon

Hmm, a very odd choice. They went from Alteisen Rieze (awesome), Grungust Type O (another awesome), Aussenseiter (very nice), Rein Weissreiter (Monster kill!), the Type 3, and finally an antagonist mech… Thurgie. Now they finally kill their spree with Fairlion S. =(

I can over look the Valsione, but I kinda figured the Fairlion would show up somewhere since the Valsione was announced. I was hoping for more antagonist units like Granzon, Rapiecage, Soulgain, or Personkicht.

You’re probably not going to see him get made into model form by Koto for a while. From what looks of things (excluding the Astalion model) they’re only making OG models. So, until Ingram comes back in OG3 with the Dis Astranagant, you’re going to have to wait. =(

Comment by Nameless

The Fairlion’s possability is just plain stiff and so far it can shows its ass for loli-faggots to stick their dicks into it. Call yourself mechafans? You all are everything that are shameful, faggots
Good job Mr. Broken-Record, you’ve restated the same things over and over again…yet again
I wonder if you really think your a mecha fan? Considering how contradicting your posts have been, considering how retarded 90% of your statements are, considering how much you copy for your ‘original designs’, considering how much of a faggot you are for your ‘I’m trying to be deep’ on your DeviantArt, considering how stupid your ‘humor’ pictures on DA are and considering how your not much of a fan of new mech designs, only clinging to your precious UC mechs and your obsession with fagging UC up with your faggotry.
Your not much of a mecha fan CV, so shut up.

Comment by lxs

Wow, the blade certainly looks cooler than the one in the game but still, i hope the mecha from other than OG will got more attention, especially from J & W the designs are just to amazing to be ignored

Comment by Rekkou

so ugly

Comment by Ereos

Forgot some thing?
This is ‘Super’robot not ‘Real’robot.
What that mean? What is ‘superrobot’.

Comment by OriginalGen

“From what looks of things (excluding the Astalion model) they’re only making OG models”
Arblade Custom.
I also hope for other series’ originals to pop up but it surely takes a while, though famous OGs units are pretty much finished……

Comment by BrianGeneral

HAHAHAHA For your information faggots, I suck my own cockS everyday!

Comment by codename:v

Any official height for the model? 1/144 of a 15m kit is kinda small… not to mention overpriced.

Comment by Troll ver. KA

That’s going to be funny if the Fairlion S model ends up being 1/100 or undefined, but the same size as the other 1/144 SRW OG models. I could mix and match her hand and give her the Zankantou. XD

Comment by Nameless

the model dont match much to the concept art… sigh

Comment by realgundam

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