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New kit review
January 16, 2009, 2:55 pm
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WildWuger [EO-Tech] 1/100 review from Blog-like yard review.


Daizengar 1/144 review from Gespenst Gebäude.

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Wow, it’s better than I thought. =D

Comment by Nameless

It’s a statue and a torchlight, it’s so big that it takes up more spaces on your desk and glass cabinets and the price is a big bloody 5 figure yen. Compared to a MG Perfect Zeong and a GFF Psycho MkII, the Daizengar is a no-show other than just changeable expressions and a humongous blade. Hell, even an army of GMs and Zakus can take out this white elephant in real life like a tailor defeats a giant.

Comment by codename:v

That guy really rich huh

Comment by amuro0093


That’s why you DON’T put them on your desk. You either keep them in your box or you place them in something like an empty fish tank or an empty cabinet.

Seriously V, you need to stop talking like a broken record. You’re not going to stop them from making models. If bitching is all you’re going to do, fine. But let the record be clear, you’re officially a girl. =3

Comment by Nameless

if it is true V is girl why she bother the nowadays gundam anime attract for girl fans. I doubt V is a girl. V is hermaphrodite (or for common futanari)

Comment by Epsilon_013


Dakara omae wa aho nano da!

Comment by Master Asia

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