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Super Robot Wars K official site pre-open!
January 16, 2009, 10:14 pm
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2009.01.19. GRAND OPEN!!

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Can’t wait to fuck shit up with Gaiking!

Comment by Conny

Lets hope for release on May.

Comment by ottoto

I thought it’s April release

Comment by amuro0093

Still no news bout the original unit?

Comment by Rekkou

It’s April release.
Can’t wait to preorder it.

Comment by Nova MK X

Must have.
It would be weird seeing Zoids Units Operate in space, then again, we’ve had other SRW that had Mechas run and even Stomp in space.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

We’ve had the Arbalest summon a cliff for it to stand on in space >>;

Comment by Anonymous

You’ve got a point there, it’s weird to see 4 legs furries running and jumping in space. SRW doesn’t have to make any senses, even with its casts.

Comment by codename:v

Nor do you, it would seem, c:v.

Comment by Anonymous

hmmm one day left…..but i still wont see the trailer because the pictures were good enough for me.

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

can’t wait to see this

Comment by sugi

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