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SRW K official site open
January 19, 2009, 2:02 pm
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Super Robot Wars K official site now grand opening.

Map screen

Unit status screen




Overman King Gainer


Fafner in the Azure


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED DESTINY


Mobile Suit Gundam Seed SEED C.E.73 STARGAZER


Mazinger Z




Shin Jeeg


Zoids Genesis





Virtual-On Marz


Gun X Sword

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I am just little disappointed that this game not on a PSP.
But, not really matters, its going to be one of those “quick fixes” until the big daddy announce.
I mean a New one for Consoles.

Comment by ottoto

Hope this one well get VA i know Ds can do it by now

Comment by srw4ever

Why would u want something that looks like an SNES game on the PSP…

Comment by realgundam

I don’t like ZOID…T^T

Oh,that’s Stargazer. right?

Comment by OriginalGen

If VO MARZ is the first game-based mecha in SRW together with other casts, then I wonder why won’t Terada considers other mecha games like Capcom’s Cyberbots and Kikaioh? Those are pretty hotblood for him and his horde of SRW cocksuckers. Then again, why should Capcom allow Terada to put their mecha titles into his faggotry when their crossovers with Marvel and Tatsunoko were more successful than SRW?

Whatever, SRW will ceases to exist should Terada wants to do Magical Girl Taisen

Comment by codename:v

I have a better question, v?

Why do you bother coming here if you hate SRW so much? Especially since SRW was built from the concept of crossovers in the first place.

For that matter, why do you keep coming to /m/ if you hate it so much?

While I’m at it, why do you hate me, Ratbat and Terada? I can understand you hating me, but Ratbat and Terada are good artists, yet you loathe them so.

And one more thing, why are you so full of anger? Because for some reason, you’re a jerk even when talking about things you LIKE?

Comment by RBS


Dakara omae wa aho nano da!

Comment by Master Asia

so use sprite like Z… mazinger z look cool! hope got animation cut ins each pilot character and mecha…

Comment by nobodyknowme

Oh hey, Dangaioh! Was that in the original list? I must have read over it… Well it’s good to see that it’s in this game, I’m looking forward to using it.

Comment by D-kun

What are you talking about code? From VGChartz, tatsunoko didn’t even break the 100k barrier.

Anyway, Terada is talented on what exactly? Unless you mean appearing on as many magazines as possible to promote himself as someone indispensable to the SRW franchise I fail to see what is this talent you speak about.

Comment by Anonymous

c:v is an SRW noob. Virtual On has appeared in a previous game.

Comment by Anonymous

Anonymous, I was referring to a mech artist who sometimes posts on /m/. He’s the guy who makes those unusual bipedal mecha.

I may have confused his name for the guy behind SRW though, so if you could correct me, that would be nice.

Comment by RBS

You only need to play one SRW game to have played them all.

Comment by Yazan

Ah! Found it! His name is Nidaram!

Sorry. I must have gotten Nidaram and Terada mixed.

Carry on, folks.

Comment by RBS

SRWK should have been for PSP it should have used the same graphic engine as SRWZ, it can do it. but i guess namco wants to milk the shit out of the casual handled

Comment by Anonymous

@RBS: When cv mentions Terada, he’s talking about the guy behind SRW. Probably. He’s a very confused person. He’s been doing this for years.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Yeah. I realised he IS talking about the SRW creator.

I accidentally confused Nidaram for Terada (ie. I got his name wrong. Sorry!)

I still don’t understand why he truly hates me other than me standing up to his crap.

Comment by RBS

whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch, that’s all I’m getting out of this conversation, and codenamev stop trying to troll, we all know that you’re trying too hard, obvious troll is obvious

Comment by Anonymous

Anyways, it looks pretty good as far as turn based strategy games go, and thank god they didn’t recycle Mazinger Z’s sprite this time.

Comment by RBS

“SRWK should have been for PSP”
no. no no. no no no. I can’t stress “NO!” about this enough. portable SRWs with new content should be going to the handheld with the bigger install base, which to my knowledge, is the DS.
take your sony fanboying and shove it, anon.

Comment by dolgra

PSP have better graphics and sounds. It’s a fact, not a fanboy credo.

Comment by Mazinkaesar

butthurt PSP owners sure are butthurt but dont worry guys you’ll be getting SRW R sometime in the future LOL!

Comment by Anonymous

This is bordering on flaming rather than a discussion. As an unbiased party who owns both a DS and a PSP, and has played SRW games on both, I have to agree that the PSP would have been a better choice. While SRW-W was fun (I LOVED the line-up), SRW A Portable had far better graphics, music quality, and the added perk of voices, which adds to the games intensity. Imagine W having been on PSP. Amazing, right? Anyhow, it’s actually new, and not just a remake this time, so let’s just enjoy it.

Comment by TKDKurisu

Yeah, but releasing it for DS they can just say that the console sucks and get away with no voices, meh animation and the complete lack of balance whatsoever.

Also thumbs up for SRWAP. But it’s still sad that the best SRW release of 2008 is just a remake with reused graphics.

Comment by Anonymous

Hope they will add some voice!

Comment by Kira00

Disregard my comments guys. I suck cocks.

Comment by codename:v

oh wow game is fine on the DS guys why are all complaining

Comment by Anonymous

*why are all of you complaining

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

“Yeah, but releasing it for DS they can just say that the console sucks and get away with no voices,”
SRW W used only 1/4 of the max DS game size. I’m pretty sure COST was the main reason why this and W don’t have voices.

“meh animation”

What? W has great animation, and K will be better.

“and the complete lack of balance whatsoever.”

I fail to see what this has to do with what system a game is on. At ALL.

TL;DR learn to troll better.

Comment by Pata Hikari

I’m loving these! Van of the Dawn!

Comment by Anonymous

Well, at least DS games can be played on PC without the need of buying another console 😛

Comment by MazinKaesar

I have a better question, v?

Why do you bother coming here if you hate SRW so much? Especially since SRW was built from the concept of crossovers in the first place.

The real question is……why the hell does he check this site so often when he hates srw >

Comment by lxs

W was great. I just think W and K could have a bigger impact on PSP. K is gonna rock anyway.

Comment by TKDKurisu

What is exactly new about SRW? It’s just the same 19 years-old piece of faggotry from Terada the ultimate faggot from Akihabara and things are just so obvious with SRW:

-Menu commands on maps
-SP command inserts for absolute evasions and accuracies
-Fury inserts for twice the damage inflict
-Same old combat styles with minor updates like more explosions, boob flashes, manly scenes which turn on gay faggots etc
-Worst of all, the same old grampamechs like Mazinger and Getter which has appear in almost every titles along with borrowed mecha animes

With so many same old obvious gigs in this faggotry, what is really so awesome about SRW? All these weaknesses make SRW a “Super Boring Faggotry” and only faggots would stick with it not because they are Gay about mechs but Gay about manliness GAR. Really, K is for Krap

Comment by codename:v

May I ask, where can I suck his cock?

Comment by lxs

Don’t mind me, I’m here to suck cocks
Also, I am actually gay

Comment by Anonymous

Glad to see the sprites are slightly altered up for Mazinger and Gundam SEED units to avoid repetition.

I Hope this tests the DS’s capabilities for 2D framerates.

Comment by codename:^

Except that Tereda is making money, unlike c:v.

Comment by Anonymous

Which brings us to out next question,

Why are you even here if you hate the series so much, Codename:v?

Because if you are hear just to piss us off, there are better ways to spend your time, like maybe draw?

Of course, who am *I* to tell YOU what to do? After all, to you I’m just a “worthless artist who can’t draw for shit”

Comment by RBS

RBS: You are SHIT, no one denies that

Comment by Anonymous

That’s right, RBS. You think /m/ loves your faggotries? Haha, you are the more pathetic than CV

Comment by Anonymous

u know wat the sad thing is, as much as cv trolls over how gay he thinks SRW is, in the end he is going to play the game anyway, wat a hypocrite. If u really dont want anything to do with srw than dont post up ur deviant art here. he says one thing but turns around and is secretly in love with it.

Comment by RED-AGENT

I know it’s you, CV. Don’t deny it.

C’mon, you have TWO posts that share the same posting style, not to mention they are posted at around the same time.

Look, you can hate my work all you want, but don’t hide under the anonymous name. You might as well just hate me face to face.

Comment by RBS

Hey, RBS where can i see your works?

Comment by Rekkou

I like how every post that doesn’t worship SRW is regarded as trolling. As strange as it may be, some of us are fans of the series without being blind fanboys.

About game balance, W was not balanced at all, and an SRW for the same platform and for younger audience will be the same.

Also about animation, sure the animation is fine, for a DS, isn’t that what I’ve been pointing out?

Comment by Anonymous


I think SRW is perfect as is, no need major updates in control/combat systems. I like innovation in games (except for Wii, but it’s a long and flaming story), but I am very conservative as I speak about SRW…

And grandpa mechas must be everywhere in every SRW. At least, I think I will not enjoy SRWK as there is no Getter. Maybe you are younger than me (I’m 34) so you don’t like Mazinger/Getter as they don’t remember you your childhood 🙂

Comment by Mazinkaesar

I’m 29 and i think Getter and Mazinger should rest for a Game or two and then come back with a Vengeance.

I especially want to see that old dispute settled.
Kaiser or Getter , who is better ? 😉

Comment by Nova MK X


It’s less to do with fanboyism tough and more to do with Codename:v.

See, normal gamers or fans who criticise the series, that’s fine. But in C:v’s case, it’s because of his terrible behavior in this blog that makes people call him a troll.

Comment by RBS

“And grandpa mechas must be everywhere in every SRW. At least, I think I will not enjoy SRWK as there is no Getter. Maybe you are younger than me (I’m 34) so you don’t like Mazinger/Getter as they don’t remember you your childhood :)”

Hm, I have to disagree with you in this part. I don’t see why we can’t have SRW without Mazinger. Let him rest for JUST 1 game. And I think UC Gundam rest for a while is a good thing. Seriously, we can live without “ZOMG!! Lt Quatro is Char the Red Comet!” or “WTF!! Hainel is our BROTHER!!” thing in every SRW.

Comment by amuro0093

The funny thing with C;V is if you look through the blog’s archive comments, you’ll see he was such an avid & normal fan like most of us. Eagerly awaiting OGs and OGG with anticipation. As it is now, he just trolls everyone for a laugh and everyone bites.

Comment by UnderTheBridge

War can change people lol

Comment by amuro0093

I speak about super robots, I don’t like UC Gundam, so I am happy if Amuro & co don’t star in SRWK 😛

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Man, the unit screen surely sucks,where did they take it from, from SRW 3 ? not like I have something against it, thought.

Comment by NT01

the graphics seems really bad…

Comment by 00 Raiser


Comment by Anonymous

@00 Raiser
You’re not comparing an apple with a watermelon, right? I mean it’s sure look bad if you compare it with PSP. But it’s actually look great by itself.

Comment by Vermillion

Didn’t I say that being for DS would excuse them of the crappy graphics?

Comment by Anonymous

DS = Gameboy Advance graphics 😦

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Poor, poor Psp fanboy…
I like the frustrated comments of the psp fan, they seem always incapable to understand some basic rules.
Banpresto make games for all console, so JUST wait like normal people.

After ps2 and Ds, the next Srw will be propably for psp, maybe with some new interesting entry like Code geass (sponsored from sony, remember it)

Comment by VAL

The ever infallible “ridicule the opponent” argument… Or should I say non-argument?

Because being a fanboy is the only reason you can come up to justify all this bitching, not the fact that DS is being treated like a piss poor platform for development.

The point is that DS is far more capable than this, and they are pulling gba-like graphics just because it’s for DS.

Wait, defending the DS like this… Does this make me a DS fanboy?

Comment by Anonymous


I’m not a fanboy, the PSP is better, it’s a fact! Anyway, I am not so interested, as I will play SRW K on emulator (but I will buy it anyway for my collection).

Comment by MazinKaesar

Are you able to read or you just answer without think? Your annoyance for Ds/gba graphic not concerning me. >_>

Oh, nobody want’s to deny the psp superiority on Ds, that was NOT the point of my “not-argument”.
Protest now for a new game DS (because is not on psp that have better sound or graphic, bla, bla) is just stupid.
Banpresto support the psp to, a new game it just a matter of time.

(Fortunately I possess them both, so i dont have problem with this Srw K… yes Psp would be better, but i can wait.)

End of story.

Comment by VAL

MazinKaisar, my last comment was not for you.

But now i understand.
Many people here are hardcore gamers what do not have the ds… that the problem.

Comment by VAL

And you still argument that the problem is the platform, while I said clearly that is not.

The problem here is that DS is viewed as a weak console as such it gets weak graphics, but the truth is that DS is a capable console and they don’t put any effort into it because they can get away with gba-graphics because “it’s the DS”.

This never was a console war, yet it is easier to argument on something like that, right? You address my post and still bring up some crap about PSP that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

Comment by Anonymous

“And you still argument that the problem is the platform, while I said clearly that is not.”

WHAT? Problem with platform? Where have i written this? You just run with you imagination and understand what you want.
I have expressed my preferences (like all), but i have no problem with the platform. Must i write in red maybe?

What I find boring is read again, again, and again the usual frustrated comments of people that not have a DS.
(I find incredible that you don’t have parents or little sister with a Pink ds and that drug named brain training.)

This is not difficult to understand.

For your point…
Make a game is always a question of money, and for DS they do not have a high budget like ps2.
The same reason for “remake” on psp instead making new things.

Reuse some elements of graphic allows to make games more quickly and economically.

Again, IS not difficult to understand.

The Ds can make better graphic? Yaeh, i think the same. Maybe also vocalist effect if the new cartridges with 256 mage are used, but i’m sure… they will pull out the best of DS just for the last game.

Comment by VAL

The problem is not the console…the problem is this game(Super robot wars K 2009)have the same graphics of super robot wars W(2007).I agreed with how think the DS can have better graphics

Comment by 00 raiser

For someone that repeats “not hard to understand” you sure do display an amazing lack of comprehension skills.

Now behold how, once again, this will be turned into a completely unrelated PSP fanboy rant.

Comment by Anonymous

CV is just a pathetic troll period, and his so called reasons to call SRW the same is pretty much like complaining that all the Soccer Video Games are the same, core and universal aspects of that type of games. Yet we all know how SRW had being added new aspects to the gameplay, and not only graphic and sound wise, we had the various new status addition like special barriers or “mirage dodging”, we had the combination attacks, the support moves, we had the many variations for the Squad System, we had the twin system, we even got a Free Play mode for the sake of emulating battles for those who like to watch the animations or even do stuff that on the normal srw without hacking you wouldn’t be able to do, we had SRWs that had a Karaoke Extra, even the DS and it’s stylus system let the SRW to let you choose between a traditional way of playing SRW or just using the stylus for moving the cursor, choose units, open menus, etc.

SRW does change with time, yet complaining about the core aspects of SRW still remaining (Crossover, basic menu systems, etc.) is like complaining about Kingdom Hearts being a disney and square crossover made of hackanslashan and that many times the Square crossovers doesn’t seem to make sense or be faithful to the original series, yet, CV had already claimed long ago how much he likes that franchrise.

CV is just a troll, plain and simple, 99% of his comments are made of baseless and lacking of a real point rants with a hateful and offensive tones (aside of many times being contradictory reaching hypocritical levels) and the few 1% on which he could be making a good point, it gets completely negates purely because of his hateful, offensive and contradictory way of stating his point.

And the whole DS vs PSP…..really…..who cares? SRW K Was made for DS, big deal, last time i recalled the last Handheld SRW was for PSP, so it’s fair for DS to get one now, and just because it doesn’t have the power of the PSP, that doesn’t make it any less fun and awesome, as many said, SRW W is a proof of that. Each Console have their own stuff, but this time it was DS’s turn of getting a SRW.

Comment by Anonymous Za Third

finally bout time to read a good point. /wink @Z

Comment by Anonymous

totally agree with wat is said here, saying how srw never change is like saying why does all driving games plays the same? why can they do something new with it? xD. i mean why would u say something like that when u know u r going to get burn from it, wat R U TRYING TO PROOF?! Time and time again CV has come here and say the most stupidest of things, does he really want everyone to be piss at him? does he enjoy getting negative response from everyone? wat is his deal?! guess he enjoys being hated and piss on.

Comment by RED-AGENT

i was wondering that the next SRW Games was made and if its on NDS they should add any Transformers series if they can because in some srw series they have talking robots who talks and fights at the same time and so what not add Transformers in the next SRW Games Please! and thank you for reading and listening this

Comment by Transforming Freak

I think the DS is a better choice for portable SRWs because it allows Banpresto to experiment with different casts that would have been an next to impossible in a voiced PSP game like Astray which was never animated before.

Comment by DS-Portable

You know what I think?

Fuck Gundam SEED Destiny. What the hell are they thinking putting that bag of shit in after it cocked up Z? Why not put in Candidate for Goddess while you’re at it and render the game totally unsalvageable?

Seriously, put those two in the same game and it will become a black fucking hole of terrible.

Comment by Anonymous

c:v is just a piece of shit

Comment by low class matha fucker

Yow! Cut the hostility and spiteful comments, guys. I as well am disappointed slightly in the line-up, but remember this: you can’t please everyone.

See, while I’m irritated that they kept in SEED, and removed Gaogaigar, I’m quite pleased that they added in Jeeg, Gaiking, and Godannar, and that they removed FMP, Tekkaman, and Orgun.

Two sides to every coin, yes?

Comment by Shin Majin

[…] set di foto dei personaggi e dei mezzi di belle dimensioni. Ne riprendiamo qualcuna ma vi rimandiamo alla nota di SRW hotnews per il resto delle […]

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seriously mazinger NEEDS to get put on the shelf,its been in every single srw game thus far within exception of the ogs,its slot could have been used for better anime’s or given another anime a shot at it like put gaogaigar back in or something,since playing through the game the damn mazinger units are just a bad liability they got no story to them their just junk cramping up the unit space,say what you want that im “trolling” or whatever it is you people call this,its my opinion on the matter and the old series that is mazinger needs to just go away for a couple games,i mean how many times are they going to remake and recycle its themes?

Comment by leave it out

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