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HG Seraphim Gundam
January 20, 2009, 7:44 pm
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The Arms kinda short,but the shoulder plate is movable and those legs are plain sexy!

Comment by Rekkou

No wonder your mech legs are so skinny, I would love see you draw legs as wide as Sazabi’s

Now that is cheap of Bandai for spamming behind Seravee’s back and I recognize this gig from Belldandy and Holybelle of “Ah! My Goddess”
Damn, 00 is getting even gay than ever.

Comment by codename:v


Dakara Omae wa aho nano da!

Comment by Master Asia

Keep your fat leg mecha fetish to yourself, C:V.

Comment by Guara


u’re the one that’s gay since u’re alwaysing bitching.

Btw, it looks more proportional here than during the show. and it seems like it can transform into the BP for seravee too, cool!

Comment by KMO

Haha, actually my fetish is about tiny feet, so even Virtue & Hind Kind is still at my love list, but wait this is just getting off topic

Comment by Rekkou

ohh plz
what’s the different between this [S] and nadaleass?
ohh plz
I thought that they will give us something new
like 00 gundam
and about the design I think it’s A homo like
so I hate it
ohhh plz
A hand turns into A cannon
ohh plz
I think in the near future gundam will become A brave series

Comment by orwah

Boy, CV really needs to come out of the closet. It doesn’t take a first year psych major to point out why, either.

Comment by DarkCode

I think Mega Man copied off of Space Adventure Cobra.

Now, if only the HG Seraphim kit comes with an extra set of fists for Seravee’s knees…or else I’ll wait for the 1/100th.

Comment by BlueAleseides

wow cv watches ah! my goddess and contradicts hisgayself again

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t think there are anything wrong with Rekkou’s MS legs. They are of a design itself and quite nice… 😛 let’s just all get along

Comment by realgundam

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