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New kit review: WildWurger [EO-Tech] 1/100
January 20, 2009, 9:17 pm
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Review WildWurger [EO-Tech] 1/100 from Tasukuyuu blog. 


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Dakara Omae wa aho nano da!

Comment by Master Asia

Ah, yes, the broken record known as V. As always, no one looks forward to what he’s going to say. And for many others, no one will care what he says. Like the rest of us, he’s a nameless nobody who always bitches, whines, and moans.

Comment by Nameless

He is you? (he’s nameless and you’re Nameless) Anyway can we just forget about this things and focus on the magnificent 1/100 Wild Wurger whose trying to get our attention with his Victim Break pose?

Comment by Rekkou

The proportions seem a little bit funky to me when compared with the 1/144. I think I actually like the 1/144 now that I do a side by side comparison. Although the gimmicks that it has are still very nice.

Comment by D-kun

Well, I wasn’t too wild about his Armor Purge mode. The Wurger looks better with his armor on. Still, the 1/144 is still the better choice if you’re going to get the WildFalken as well, just so you can do some TBS action. Otherwise, the 1/100 is pretty good as a stand alone mech.

Comment by Nameless

Ace Attacker music is way better than this robot’s 😡

Comment by realgundam

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