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January 21, 2009, 4:06 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren no Yabou – Axis no Kyoui V (PSP/PS2)


Super Robot Wars Z Special Disc (PS2)

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will there be a PS3 version of Super Robot War?

Comment by Ming

Maybe and maybe not, PS3 has hits rockbottom at the end of consoles war and Wii emerged winner of the 3. NamcoBandai has decided to focus only on PSP and PS2 as these 2 are still very much active than the PS3. What more, this article didn’t mention anything about SRW for PS3 and only another spammed Z title with some special extras. Obviously, another new SRW title for home consoles will be announce by this summer and it’s all going to be just the same old 19 year-old faggotry. What’s new Terada?

Comment by codename:v

If they are Going to Appeal to the Japanese Market, like usual, for SRW Titles, it most likely wont be on 360, If they Want Cash, they wont put it on ps3. Of course if they were to release it on Wii, they could do much more than they could on the Ps2. But I guess since Ps2 is still more Popular than ps3 in Japan, then they already go to their established fanbase.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

Don’t know how trustworthy this site is, but the Akurasu wiki said theres a PS3 Super Robot Wars in the making with the date TBA?

Comment by Nickienator

That was also Listed on Wikipedia like years ago, but they’ve long since removed it around the same time Z was announced. But I forget what their sources for the title were.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

I have to agree with CV on this, except that 19 year-old faggotry part.

Comment by Kenpei

It’s hard to disagree with CV since all he said was “maybe and maybe not,” in other words, he didn’t say anything meaningful. As usual.

Comment by Milkman Dan

i wont buy it…….unless its price drops to about 35 dollar then i will get it.

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

The only reason to buy this is to be able to bitch some more in the questionnaire, Zs suckitude is of epic proportions.

Comment by Anonymous

does anyone know the best tv screen for SRW Z?
i mean the pictures looks alot diffrent and better than my tv :(!! ,i also use an HD cable like this for my PS2 for better resolution but still the game doesnt seems to be like the pictures above…..please i want an answer!

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

oh yeah here is a picture of the HD cable.

Comment by BAHIM Z 360

Destiny looks cool. Better than (or at least not as overused) Freedom anyways. It be fun to use Destiny to mess up Big O.

Comment by injuredpelican

Shin Asuka: Shining Finger!!

xD sorry.

Comment by zerojad

V’s comment is kind of a mixture of fail and something else. The failure part has a lot to do with V’s fanboyish attitude in with the current consoles (cough, Nintendo fanboy). PS3 has hit rock bottom, but it’s still going to be the next console I buy (although, that’s not for a long while since I am one of the few who buys consoles when it’s about to be outdated XD ) .

But, the PS2 is still very much alive and kicking (which is pure awesome). In fact, due to PS3’s faults, this is the greatest time to have a PS2. XD

Comment by Nameless

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this lesbian cannot understand a single word of japanese, lmao

Comment by lesfriendly

I really don’t know why u guys still find the time to comment on CV’s obvious intension to ripe you guys, while he is laughing when reading your comments….

Comment by realgundam

I think it’s more to do with the fact that he won’t stop.

It’s not just here. He’s like this everywhere he goes, from Ngee Kiong Blog, to /m/. He’s been banned from every mecha anime related forum.

Also, I’d be wary of throwing the “troll” name around, since he showed the same kind of behavior in a respectable art forum (Conceptart)

Comment by Anonymous

I like how CV says that after SRWK’s announcement, which is, with one exception, New Century shows, as well as nearly all new series.

Comment by Kouban


Oh, don’t you worry. V is more of the village idiot. We just love to mention him in anecdotes from time to time, mainly ones that end up insulting the poor soul. If he didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have someone to pick on. ~_^

Comment by Nameless

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