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January 22, 2009, 10:17 pm
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New pics of Fairlion Type-S  1/144 from Amiami Shop.

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This is probrably the stiffest OG mech to date after the Altalion and I don’t think this is worthy of purchasement because it really looks silly with those lolis faggotries. No wonder even Latooni also thinks lolis are for retards…

Comment by codename:v

Fairlion Type-S looks quite good and the base it comes with sure helps to make it have those “flying” esque poses that we see a lot in artwork and fanartwork.

And yeah, CV once again not making sense and making up stuff that never happened, i swear one of this days he’ll claim that Amuro Ray hates SRW.

Comment by Metzen

Fairlion is pure crap, true story.

Comment by Anonymous

@Fellow Anon
Opinions =/= facts

Learn the difference, it could save your life.

Comment by Anonymous

Hm. None of the shots are without the stand. Looks like the Fairlion may not be able to stand up by itself…?

Comment by D-kun

Fairlions are hugly, but the combo attack in SRW OG (PS2) is too nice, with the two girls in Gothic Lolita style 😀

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Ugly piece of shit.

Comment by Blue


Comment by KaitoKid

Unfortunately, no. The sheer imbalance of its weight preventing that. Then again, same goes to the original Lion in the game.
The Fairlion is an interesting mecha, design-wise and challenge to assemble. With its small details and articulation. But tonnes better then… a HG Astray DSSD Custom 1/144 kit.

Comment by BD

I would buy this… just so that I can laugh at it all day.

Comment by thehangerbay

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