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January 25, 2009, 12:56 am
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More pic of Fairlion Type-S from Kotobukiya web site.


*Assault Blade is special weapon that will come with  Fairlion Type-S 1/144

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Not cool. Give me a manly robot.

Comment by KaitoKid


They already did… many times.

Comment by Nameless


Comment by KaitoKid

Well, that Assault Blade certainly is jarring on such a slender framed mech. Certainly does look like it’d do a good bit of damage though.

Comment by D-kun

Short arms, short blades, big ass and an oversized skirt, what a faggotry…

Comment by codename:v


They are. I think I’ll stop responding to you, mainly because of the “kid” part in your name. O_o

Comment by Nameless

think the SD version is MUCH better.. this looks like… lola Baund Doc

Comment by realgundam

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen code use the word “faggotry” right.

Comment by Anonymous

As a singular noun?

Comment by Blue

well…. this thus kind off lookslike from (xenosaga). but it is cute.

Comment by kojin

>> CV:
Just like as fag as you when i see bound-doc.

Comment by Anonymous

> Anonymous:
It’s B”a”und doc

Comment by realgundam

what’s that supposed to mean?!

Comment by kojin

How come a Girly Designed Mech meant to be piloted by female and being piloted by a little girl has anything to do with Faggotry (aka Gay stuff)?

Comment by Anonymous

The Super Robot Wars Franchise raped C:V in the butt when he was a small lad, so he automatically associates anything SRW with faggotry.

Comment by Blue

the blade is cool but the robot is a nono….
even in the game.. it was useless

Comment by Ereos

They could have included the Blade in with other sets (yes, the friggin’ Altarlion), but no, they had to put it only on the Fairlion, curse ’em…

Well, at least we see the birth of a new concept; chainSWORD loli.

Comment by thehangerbay

Well, the Assault Blade is an added gimmick, much like the Alteisen Nacht with the Shishidou Blade (if you liked the original Alteisen and/or have the original, why buy a blue one that looks nothing like Einst Kyosuke’s Gespenst MK-III or a unit Kyosuke only used for three missions?).

I’m hoping they make a weapons only pack where they have all the customizable weapon so that skipping the Assault Blade won’t be so bad… because the Assault Blade looks badass.

Comment by Nameless

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