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Super Robot Wars K PV PMC Ver.
January 28, 2009, 8:10 pm
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Super Robot Wars K PV PMC Ver. has been released on SRW PMC!

スーパーロボット大戦K プロモーションビデオ PMC ver.

Download SRW K PV (Mediafire FLV 640×480)

Download SRW K PV (Mediafire MP4)




Download SRW K PV high resolution screenshots (Mediafire JPG 3.4Mb)

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Comment by Derbmeister

Oh look, gba quality animation and no voice, exactly as expected.

Comment by Anonymous

Comment by leon

Download PV Here!

Comment by Eagelman

niceeeeee very nice !!!

Comment by srw4ever

great as always banperesto getting better and better can’t wait to play as shin asuka and seven if there is a fight between these two now we are talking about a showdown !!!!!

note: i will hack the game i have DS light plus the super card no problems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara

“gba quality animation”

Clearly, you’ve never played the GBA games.

Good work, Banpresto.

Comment by codename:^

where are the originals?

yes, i need to point out the one bad thing about the PV.

Comment by Avasuule

I would have liked to see some originals, too.

Comment by Anonymous

Godannar Rulez ^__^

Comment by Debris

Early SRW games start with no voices and cheap pixel animations, DS version is no different from that. What Banpresto got there are just only the same old gig used in previous titles, same old grampa mechs like Mazingers and Getters, same old menu-turnbase gameplay style with an exception of additional new casts ripped from other animes. So what is so new about K? Boring

Comment by codename:v

What’s new about what you say? Boring

Comment by Anonymous

Troll harder, cv. Getter isn’t even in this game.

Comment by AirMaster

This time c:v is right. This is the 2nd SRW for DS, and it’s the same with R being the 2nd for GBA. So, we all know how J was far better than R, so I don’t want to say that Banpresto did a good work because they reused the same graphic engine of J. The cast is awesome, but they could have been a little less lazy…

Comment by Folka

One improvement I’m happy about is the lack of floppy beam sabers for the Gundam units… That bugged me a lot in J.

Comment by D-kun

exception of additional new casts ripped from other animes.
…eh?…That doesn’t evenmake sense when half of them haven’t appeared in SRW before, while having original designs
…Maybe you should stop being a prick CV >

Comment by lxs

Please, everyone, do not feed the troll. Forgive C:V. Every time he sees something SRW, his anus hurts in memory of the raping it got from Banpresto. Logic does not apply here, just like it doesn’t apply to Jack Thompson.

Comment by Blue

I seriously don’t know what is wrong with you, C:V.

God it seems you are corrupted by your own hatred toward SRW, your posts don’t even make sense.

Comment by Happy Anon

Maybe CV isn’t human like we thought. CV is some kind of advanced SPAM troll AI. He created just to trolling in internet. Hell, I can’t imagine a person that have Ginganam crazy personality to even exist in this world.

Comment by G Gundam

i guess cv has bad childhood memory and his parents never gave him money to buy SRW games in the past. so he is such a loser and hatred in SRW. sounds like a drama to me lol

Comment by Ron

sounds like lulz to me but I dont care what anyone says I’m excited for this game

Comment by Anonymous

Games like this is always good on the go….
{The good way of cause}

I don’t see the originals yet.?

Comment by ottoto

C:V’s early deviantart pieces were mediocre, his new stuff hasn’t changed. Wht he does is reuse stuff from older pics, same tracing and ripoffs of licensed units, same mediocre human anatomy, style, and coloring. So what is so new about C:V? Shittier.

Comment by codename:

so i’m waitting for a game like this but because of CV…..
i don’t know what wrong with him since the beginning…………
is he a SRW fan or just a machoscit who wants to be hit hard by everyone here……..this bugs me a lot.

Comment by soul master

Godannar, Shin Jeeg, Legend of Daiku Maryu, and Zoids Genesis are probably my primary reasons for picking this up.

Lack of Getter and any other Gundam Universe SICKENS ME TO THE CORE.

Comment by AU_Gundam

Planning to pick up, I mean.

Comment by AU_Gundam

Gba have 4 srw + 2 og, ds only 2? Hope this is not the last srw game on ds…

Comment by ubr

Wow! Graphics is good, not too GBA-like!!! They made a good work, not like SRW W (it was really a GBA game running on NDS).

Comment by Mazinkaesar

Hmmm, I’m the only one who noticed that, they did fulfill their promise of highly improved Cut-ins for a non PSP portable console?

Seriously, that’s a huge improvement, they are quite fluid and smooth in animationn and mix well with the sprites, the mugshots looks quite nice too, and besides, even though they use the same SRW W like graphic style, the majority of those sprites are new, in fact, i think that only Strike Rouge looks close to be a re-used sprite.

If Anything, SRW K looks promising for being a DS SRW.

Comment by Metzen

Metzen: Yeah, I noticed that as well. The only one that really bothered me was the Godannar one, and I can understand that that kind of zooming face shot must be hard to pull off. In the actual show, there was a very high frame rate for the Heart Breaker attack. Even so, the rest are very nice I’d have to agree.

Comment by D-kun

isn’t there gonna be an english version…?

Comment by anemona

Comment by ...

well , no getter but we have Dangaioh in the substitu eh ? lol

hmm hope that those new series will make it in PS 2 or PS 3 , wanna listen to Shin jeeg and Godannar attack … damm

Comment by Ryuseisen

oh , is it me or … the SFX in this one sound better , the movement sound , the shooting , hitting , sound better , too bad for no voice , lol

Comment by Ryuseisen

oh What the heck , jesus Kira have the Flash SFX of amuro …. damm … damm … dammm

Glad for the Gun X sword though , another Daizengar , another old guy and loli , another CHESTOOO

and i wonder if in gun x sword have the yuusha eh dancougar robot ??! forget its name , the one that piloted by 4 old man ,

Comment by Ryuseisen

Wow, and not six months ago I was arguing with my friends over what new series would be in the next three SRW, and two of my picks made it (Gun X Sword and Zoids, any series).

Godanner I’m glad to see, I found that series incredibly humorous, though a little too heavy on fanservice, and I glad to see Jeeg’s newest incarnation. Can’t wait to see what else will show up.

On a side not, am I the only one who thinks that we should have a super robot original whose entire arsenal is a multitude of Rocket Punch-style attacks? I’d be interested to see how they’d pull something like that off.

Comment by Rad Gainson

Ryuseisen: That would be the El Dora Five, which combine to form El Dorado.

Comment by Rad Gainson


Comment by Anonymous

even though the godanner anime wasnt that great the robot were allright

Comment by GESPENT

im very happy temjin is in srw K

Comment by GESPENT

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