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Rumor: Upcoming Bandai hobby merchandise
January 30, 2009, 5:16 pm
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MG Unicorn Gundam Coating Ver. 1/100 – March

Gundam Astray Green Frame 1/100 – March

HG00 Garazzo 1/144 – March

MG Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 – April

HGUC Nu Gundam HWS 1/144 – April

HG00 Ahead Smultron 1/144 – April

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1/100 Astray Green Frame…
Fuck yeah!
I already have the other 3 1/100, I’ve been hoping for a release of this, I was just gonna buy another Red Frame and do some modifications.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku


Comment by Rekkou

HWS only around 2500 JPY. It’s a worth plamo to buy. Absolutely added in my waiting list.
MG Sword Impulse… I’ll skip this one and hoped there will be blast impulse

Comment by Epsilon_013

Nice, I always loved Sword Impulse.

Comment by amuro0093

“G Unicorn Gundam Coating Ver. 1/100 – March” <<< after this a few month,…. Sinanju Coating Ver.??????

"MG Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 – April" <<<< Hey, I heard that IJ is the last MG for Seed Destiny??? BANDAI always love playing on words like this.

Comment by NhEuOi

Sounds like it could make me drool, but on 2nd thought….NAH~ Especially MG Unicorn & Sword Impulse. Afraid that Impulse will come in, either 3 in 1 pack../


Comment by sbhboi

[…] Srw hotnews allega un’immagine a riprova della propria nota – la immettiamo nel nostro post – ed affferma che potrebbero uscire fra Marzo ed aprile per la Bandai Hobby Marzo MG Unicorn Gundam Coating Ver. 1/100 – Gundam Astray Green Frame 1/100 – HG00 Garazzo 1/144 – MG Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 – Aprile HGUC Nu Gundam HWS 1/144 – HG00 Ahead Smultron 1/144 – […]

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Apparently, the Messiahs are the only new things on the list. Cut down on production costs maybe one of the means to save and protect the company from the drastic means of retrenchment. Really, the global economic depression caused by the US credit crunches affects everything. Looks to me, it’s time to cut down on plamo purchases and save for rainy days.

Comment by codename:v

But, these are rumors. And I’m glad they’re rumors too. The upcoming selections are very lacking. =(

Comment by Nameless

Why on Earth is Bandai still making SEED MGs (and not even of the popular Gundams, those have already been done) instead of making MG kits for 00 before it goes off the air?

Comment by Anonymous

Let’s break down your post, shall we?

“Why on Earth is Bandai still making SEED MGs”

Then why on Earth is Bandai still making OYW MGs?

Answer: because they’re popular.

“and not even of the popular Gundams, those have already been done”

So you’re saying the first main Gundam of Destiny isn’t popular? Or are you saying you don’t like the Impulse? Opinion =/= fact.

“instead of making MG kits for 00 before it goes off the air?”

Because they’re waiting for it to go off the air. Bandai has never released an MG from a series while it was still running (only exception is Unicorn, which isn’t a TV series). They usually wait for about 2 years before releasing MGs. You can go look at the previous release dates if you don’t believe me.

Why are they waiting for it to go off the air? Because they’re also waiting for its Gunpla line to end. Let’s put it this way… If they released the 1/100 00 and the MG 00 within months of each other, do you think the 1/100 version will still rake in sales? Bandai’s strategy is to make people wait until they can’t wait anymore. So yeah, no 00 MGs for at least another year.

And oh, Sword Impulse (same goes with Blast) was a given after Force Impulse. This is Bandai, boy, BANDAI. Puhleez, don’t act all surprised.

They’re lacking because any grand release will also interfere with 00’s Gunpla line. When 00 ends this April expect Bandai to start releasing more stuff (especially the HGUCs). And besides, this list is waaay better compared to how last year started (Zaku spam anyone?)

PS… Isn’t it funny how CV calls the Messiahs “new” when they’re all obviously recolors of rehashes of the same thing? But then again, it’s CV we’re talking about… No surprise here, either.

Comment by Auriga

IF they do plan a MG Sword Impulse, Blast Impulse wouldn’t be too far behind. Maybe this will make kitbashing an actual Destiny Impulse easier.

And what the hell is a Gundam Coating ver.?

Comment by glemtvapen

“Plan” isn’t really the correct term… Bandai is going to do it – it’s just a simple matter of when they’re going to. And I don’t think it will make a kitbash of Destiny Impulse any easier (it has different cannons which are more reminiscent of Oowashi Akatsuki’s)… But then again, don’t be surprised if we eventually get a MG Destiny Impulse.

And it’s supposed to be “Coating Version,” not “Gundam Coating Version.” It simply means that the old Unicorn kit will be plated or done in gloss finish.

Comment by Auriga

Sadly but probably there won’t be Blast Impulse MG, He never got enough attention since 1/144

Comment by Rekkou

That isn’t enough reason to say it won’t happen.

Comment by Anonymous

Auriga : Actually, I’m pretty damn sure that both the Strike and Freedom had kits before the show even ended. The strike had a kit by the end of 2003 already.
So, let us cut down on the bullshit apologist talk on both sides.

Comment by shadowascendant

Barely. MG Strike came out right after Seed finished airing and Freedom followed 9 months later.

Comment by AceWhatever

Strike came out October 2003 and Freedom came out July 2004 (both according to HLJ and the MG Ultimate Catalog 2008). SEED ended late September 2003 (according to ANN). It isn’t exactly the 1-2 year wait, but they still didn’t come out while the series was on.

Don’t get me wrong. I just want to show the facts to a whiner. I hate whiners – especially those who have no clue what they’re even whining about.

Comment by Auriga

Nu Gundam HWS?! That’s the big blast to me.

Comment by Raven

sword impulse that’s cool but i already bought the force impulse T_T
no more seed destiny MG?? no akatsuki MG ? no legend MG ? that’s too bad this 2 kit will complete each side

Comment by xlasher


“no more seed destiny MG??”

I don’t know where you pulled this from… There is no indication of such whatsoever. Heck, fans had to wait for past a decade (and are still waiting for final word) for an MG Guntank.

As far as Bandai is concerned, as long as there is profit it will happen. There is no such thing as closure.

Comment by Auriga

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