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February 2, 2009, 12:04 am
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[naowks] MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka “Banshee”

Unicorn Mode

Destroy Mode

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That is hawt
i will love to have one….

Comment by Ereos

New Gundam series will be announced on April the 2nd. Rumor has it Gundam Unicorn will be broadcasting in 2009 fall

Comment by Anonymous

Wait a minute how do you know it’s going to be Gundam Unicorn? You sound like that guy named codename:v.


He said rumour. I seriously doubt it anyway.

Comment by shadowascendant

Well, there is a lot of rumors going around the next project is a Tomino one or a Unicorn one. Even with how amazing 00 has been, I’ll be more than fine with either one of those options for a follow up.

Comment by DarkCode

00? amazing?

lol gtfo

Comment by Anonymous

Great comment, have a T-shirt!

Comment by DarkCode

Gundam 00 is for faggots

Can’t prove me wrong

Comment by Boss Nigger

Gundam 00 is for faggots

Can’t prove me wrong

You can’t prove yourself right either, so nothing chages

Comment by lxs

well, I still enjoy the 00.
If you call 00 watcher is faggots than feel free to call me that.

Wonder what is the next gundam. If it’s true Unicorn will be the next gundam series, that will be awesome..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Oh man, more people using homosexual derogatory remarks to describe something. They should really look in the mirror sometime. I hear if you look close enough, you can see some of your repressed urges.

Comment by DarkCode

No posts from codename:troll yet?

Comment by Anonymous

Well, we have a few of his apprentices here already ^^;

Comment by Guara

For any of you who wants this Banshee, keep in mind that this is purely modified by a professional modeller and it’s super pricey.

For any of you thinks that the 30th anniversary Gundam anime will be of Unicorn, keep hoping and be prepared for major disappointment since Gundam animes has already gone sub-par since SEED. I only heard that it will be of G Fighters sequel…

What is new about about Gundam anime is that Banrise has decided to tap on the YAOI faggots group who enjoy shemales and homosexual scenes. What do you faggots think about Tieria in a dress? Isn’t that what you fags always dream of? That is why mecha designs and story plots in 00 aren’t given much thoughts and paid attention to. Too much politics may likely cause seizures with the otaku fanbase since all faggots are simple-minded and childish in every ways, adults should never interfere with their faggotries and sick realisms to their fantasies.

So why do you expect everyone to say YES to your faggotries just your wretched kinds are doing it? Why should people pretend to something they don’t like? Are you fags always this gay?

Comment by codename:v

fuck off allready “v”

Comment by fidi_kolovo

Faggots >>>>>> CV

Comment by Yuu


Who are you calling a C:V apprentice? Let me remind you that we don’t care about C:V at all, so STFU!

And as for C:V, your the one who’s a fag so knock it off!


“Gundam animes has already gone sub-par since SEED.”

LOL codename:troll.

You act like the Cosmic Era was a good timeline and what’s come after it is what’s sucked.

Comment by Anonymous

i like the banshee ver.

i was bored so i was messin on photoshop

Comment by Ereos

I, personally, can care less about the Gundam now. =b

I used to love the series (long time ago when I was a kid), until I found out there were other mech series. Then after SRW OG… Gundam looked very weak. But, the finisher was when I watched Destiny (it was terrible)… Never again, Gundam. Never again. >_>

The only Gundam series that I would consider watching would be IF they animated the Astray series. Otherwise, I’m forever done with Gundam.

Comment by Nameless

Thats a badazz gundam.

Comment by The Red Comet

oh, CV and all “faggotry” haters. Try to think logically, Sunrise and Bandai just trying to survive. Hence, they need to adapt. Pretty boys is a trend today, so made em into gundam pilots; say what you want, write “OO=gay” all over the world, they won’t hear you, it’s all about what’s profitable.
You UC elitist guys are cowards, never dare to try something new, living in your own secluded world. Try to accept something different, guys; I was betrayed by SEED & Destiny too, but I did not falter. I still love gundam, and it deserves another chance. Everyone will make some mistakes someday, it’s a normal process.
So, please GROWN UP.
And how could u say OO is full of gay? I love all the hot (real) chicks of OO. And there’s plenty of ’em XD

Comment by chivaz

[…] scorse settimane SRW hotnews ha mostrato belle immagini del MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka “Banshee” della factory […]

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