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Super Robot Gakuen !?
February 3, 2009, 12:37 am
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Banpresto has registered a new trademark with the name 「スパロボ学園」

What the hell is Super Robot Gakuen (Super Robot School)

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Could someone please translate ? O.o

Comment by Nova MK X

According to Google machine translation, Terada suggested that we might see some unconventional expansion of the SRW franchise in the second half of 2009 (in one of the linked articles). There’s speculation that Super Robot Wars School could be what he was referring to.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Maybe, Banpresto want to create something like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Guren Gakuenhen…

Comment by Annonymous

Oh look, something for CV to bitch about

Comment by lxs

I’m pretty sure we’ll see the eternal banchou in action!!!

Comment by Folka

Maybe it’ll be a dating sim. 😛

Comment by GaoGaiGar

I’ve got a baaaaddd feeling about this one

Comment by amuro0093

since its gakuen i suppose only 16-18 year pilot in it, so no Kyosuke or Excelen? perhaps as teacher? well i hope at least there’ll be a robot in it

Comment by Rekkou

Maybe something like Rival School 1 simulation mode
where we can train our original pilot and customize his/her robot.

Comment by ubr

Or super medabot wars…

Comment by ubr


Comment by L4FO3

I think more like a anime more than a game right?

I had an idea like that many times.

Where the story talk about school stuffs, robot training, and battling between srw teams.

I can imagine, ZANGAR sensei or something.

Comment by ottoto

Go GO ZENGAR~! Master of Scheduling! Anyway, why is he called that? O_o

Comment by BD

I think sensei might be Kai Kitamura.

Comment by Annonymous

For some reasons, I believe this could be a hoax and may turned out to be a fanmade doujin material…

Another thing is, SRW is REALLY taking a more faggy turn which I’ve predicted 2 years ago. Looks to me, SRW is going to become another AVG game made for faggots who can’t interact with real people and Banpresto should really considers changing SRW to SFW (Super Faggot Wars)

This is your new OG3, play it!

Comment by codename:v

Well if you change your way of view, AVG could be useful for learning Japanese language and culture. I learn many daily life Kanji from AVG and of course Kanji for war, mechanical thing or battle from SRW.

IMO AVG isn’t some game made for faggots who can’t interact with real people, but I guess it’s too much for your little brain to understand huh?

Comment by amuro0093

Maybe it’ll work like some sort of Super School Wars where the OG pilots fight each other in school uniforms as their teenage selves. They could have attacks similar to what they’ve got in the games but, you know, without the robots, with just the people.

It might just be a sort of “pilot” to get the shonen/seinen companies all excited to give Terada and co. complete freedom over their franchises. So this might be “Super Shonen Wars Original Class” and then, 6 months later, we’d get “Super Shonen Wars Jump” or whatever filled to the brim with Sonen Jump characters, old and new.

Frickin’ awesome… At least, in my dreams it is…

Comment by Tabion

O.K, since their going down a “new path”, so to speak, is it really that hard to go online??? Picture it, SRW-O(nline). What do you all think?

Comment by Daizengar


man i’d LOVE that game .. think its the only way to ubgrade the SRW games making it online 🙂

Comment by leon

Perhaops it’s about the school that Latooni, Ouka, Seolla and all went to

Comment by Anonymous

just searched the trademark database, it’s definitely not a hoax

Comment by Anonymous

SRW is going to become another AVG game made for faggots who can’t interact with real people and Banpresto should really considers changing SRW to SFW

Sounds just like you CV

Comment by lxs

And all c:v does is bitch and whine and remain poor while Tereda swims in the cash he is earning from pandering to the wants and needs of his audience.

Comment by Anonymous

In during people blow out of proportions their expectations for this and it turns out to be a Mecha quiz game for cellphones.

Comment by Anonymous

Super Robot Gakuen is just like Pokemon game but with Robot and any other robot anime.

Comment by SoulGain

Exellen as a teacher *nosebleed*

Zengar the School head man
and Elzam the Cook XD

Comment by Darken

ohh! man! i dont’t understand this game. can somebudy tell me how exactly this game will be? im a little confuse here! because i think it was a adventure game like otrers but i dont now. can anyone help me please.

Comment by exiagundamboy

C:V, given the massive increase in devotion to the animation of breasts in the recent SRW games, and the entire Endless Saga game being an excuse to show scantily clad women who gain power as they lose clothes, I’d have to say the SRW series is getting LESS “faggy” if anything.

Comment by Hobgoblinbutter

This is great!!!!A new SRW franchise that will bring excitement 2 the fans out there.This is my opinion.

Comment by MaskmanReturns

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