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Super Robot Wars K Promo Disc
February 4, 2009, 3:16 pm
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Super Robot Wars K Promo Disc for open in game store.


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whats a promo disc??

Comment by ottoto

A disc containing promotional material? That or it’s a disc that supports the Homosexual Agenda. You know, Pro Homo Disc — Pro Mo Disc — Promo Disc… Hoooooooo Ho Ho Ho Hoooooooo…. Ok, fine, leaving…

Comment by Tabion

These disks are only further proof of the faggoty fanboy mentality that has taken over SRW. It makes me so mad to see that I just want to pull down some guy’s pants and have hot, violent buttsex with him.

Comment by codename.v

Discs that are homosexual?

Call me back when the ‘Islam is the Light’ thing works out for you.

Comment by Anonymous

These promotional discs are for the retailers and are not sold. They are just previews shown at shops.

Comment by Anonymous

>> anon below CV
what do you mean by “Islam is the Light thing”, are you another CV that being sarcastic toward Islam

Comment by Anonymous

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