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February 4, 2009, 10:35 am
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Update more scans.

The latest scans from Famitsu have revealed OG for Super Robot Wars K.


OG Units:

– Revirias (レヴリアス)



– Serius (セリウス)

– Serius II (セリウスⅡ)



– Rex Mist  (ミスト・レックス) Main Character


– Angelica Sharutiru (アンジェリカ・シャルティール) Partner 1


-Sherudia Rouge (シェルディア・ルージュ) Partner 2



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lol the new og mecha looks like medabots xD

Comment by RED-AGENT

I knew they were reminding me of something… Haha. They look like they’d be pretty cute when SD. Very colorful units really…

Comment by D-kun

now this is what i’ve been waiting for, from the design it looks like Ryohta Magaki is the mecha designer

Comment by Rekkou

Lol, in Angelica’s pic, there’s the same Hangar BG they reuse in all the games.

I wonder if “Office with a chair and desk in front a window on a bright, sunny day” will return.

Comment by Anonymous

their design just reminded me about medabot navi, too bad it never came out for english but it was one of the better medabot games for the gba. now back to this, seeing these guys now i really hope their upgraded form looks kick ass, if its something like w where we start off with real and end up with a kick ass super robot made outa 2 battleship put together that would rock( let see if there will be another og battleship this time since there’re time-warping or world jumping in this game and looking at the series list cant say there’s any that can do that xD)

Comment by RED-AGENT

The designs are really boring 😦
When will we get scans of this that aren’t chopped up by some jerk?

Comment by Kouban

its always like this, first we get scans from the magazine, than we get better images of it and more info. but at least now we know wat the og looks like.

Comment by RED-AGENT

nothing new i see

Comment by realgundam

At first impression, I thought the R-3 was being used by a guy. On the other hand, it is trying to look like a Turn Delta from Astray Delta. How degrading mecha designs has been and it’s still dropping in quality. What a shame…

You know what? Medarots are somehow more interesting than these Terada-OG-mechs because the designers do put in a lot of thoughts at their works, unlike some sub-pars like Yanase and Magaki which don’t surpass the pros in the market. So how are there suppose to be something new for this mecha SLG title? Like how I always put it, you can get lots of explosions, EMO tear-jerking scenes, flashier moves and more boobs bouncing but at the end, SRW just couldn’t get any newer than these and it’s still the same old 20-years-old faggotry since 1990s. What’s so new about SRW?

But hey, since Terada has always wanted to do a Magical-Girl-Taisen SLG and soon SRW will becomes SFW, now that’s something new but only GAY.

Comment by codename:v

Get a freaking life, codename:v. In another post, you mentioned having made some kind of prediction 2 years ago. Two years, huh? You’ve been bitching about almost every god damn SRW related thing on this website for TWO YEARS, huh?

You don’t have the right of accusing people of not being able to interact with others in real life, when you apparently have nothing better to do then bitch on a SRW website.

Get. A. Damn. Life.

Or, at the very least, hate SRW all you want. But be more like realgundam and don’t spew insults and crap at other people.

Anyway… regarding these OG units and characters, they don’t look that impressive right now. But I’d rather wait to see them in action before passing judgment.

Comment by thepyro

Design came up 2nd while first is concept, from the design it seems that these machine can gattai

Comment by Rekkou

Man, they really are running out of ideas for original mechs. When are they going to make an official OG ninja mech?

The girls are cute at least.

Comment by glemtvapen

[…] Robot Wars K originals February 4, 2009 at 10:01 am | In Uncategorized | SRW Hotnews has scans featuring the original characters for Super Robots Wars K (DS). The robots are a bit bland, if you […]

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So…. Just one OG mecha? And just one OG character? OH COME ON!!! You might think that I’ve been spoiled by the Alpha series… Or the Xbox/GC games… Or A… Or J… Or Z… Or any of the others that had numerous OG mechas but seriously, have just one OG choice and offering numerous route choices is the worst possible way of making a Super Robot Wars game. Even worse than that real-time crap.

SRW games are meant to be played over and over again. Having to use the same OG bot all the freaking time bores me out of my mind. Routes? It takes upwards of 40 hours to play through the game. How am I supposed to remember which route split I took at stage 6?

Just…. Please, O-Terada-Kami-sama, let there be other choices for OG bots at startup! Otherwise, codename:V wins and no one wants that.

Comment by Tabion

Why are people asking the creators for something that the creators would not be able to hear? V does it because he’s a self-centered snob (with an insane case of homophobia) but, why is Tabion doing it? To boot, why would V win anything? It’s an automatic axiom that V still fails in life and can never win anything (if he did, he’d bitch about it)

Comment by Nameless

I did it to vent, mostly. And I’m not talking directly to the the programmers, it’s more of a “Hey God, it’s me, Doucheface” kind of thing.

And V wins when everyone loses. ‘Cause he’s a pessimist who pushes his own “what you love is crap” agenda. And if it really does turn out to be crap, well, he called it so he wins. Like pool.

Comment by Tabion

To me, they look quite like the the typical OG that we get on the portables SRWs in the last few years, still, they don’t look bad and we would need further footage to get to know them better, after all 1 single artwork define how good or bad something is.

And once again CB pulls out baseless ands stupid rants, after all, if he keeps denying that SRW hadn’t changing in all it’s years, and that, by his logic SRW 3 is exactly the same than SRW Z, nobody can doubt he’s claims are wrong.

Long ago you had lost any worth or credibility CV, now you only let out growls, snarls and hisses, not real criticismn.

Comment by Metzen

my friends support me when Combatible Kaiser would be an original character for srw ???????

the main chracters of the z, w, k srw are very bad as characters and robots, and they have no meaning at all i can’t forget how Daygenger appeared in apha 2 and how great he was !!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara

@ C.V

you have a poinent, you are right.

Comment by Akeara

Where’s the super? :S

Comment by Anonymous

Those mechs look almost exactly the same as the Main Real robot from J..

Comment by mag4


Wasn’t W only has 1 route?

Comment by amuro0093

Now this make me Misses Original Generation and Alphas characters even more….

Comment by ottoto

….Aint W only 1 route as well?..
Heeeeeehhhh,better not re-using the same protagonist OG units combining as the Upgrade like in W again…

Comment by Buwl

The “Serious” and the “Serious II”… they can’t be serious about that…

Apart from the name though, they look pretty okay. Revirias = buffed R-3? :3

Comment by thehangerbay

Yeah, I’m really not feeling these OGs. Maybe it’s just because the last few batches have been absurdly awesome [Valzacard and Gunleon both being standouts]. These look like the D units, but less interesting. All I can say is that they better be able to pull off something as ludicrous as Forte Gigas with this supposed combination.

Also, Codename:V isn’t fooling anyone.

Comment by Anonymous

Voices fucking where ??!!

Comment by Kira00

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