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New pics of upcoming kits
February 5, 2009, 5:25 pm
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From Noda-Ya

MG Sword Impulse


Gundam Astray Green Frame 1/100


MG Unicorn Gundam Coating Ver.


HG Nu Gundam HWS 1/144


Seravee Gundam 1/100


 HG Ahead Smultron 1/144


HG Garazzo 1/144

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Well, maybe there will be at least one new MG this year besides the GM…

Comment by Ed

oh yeah definitely want that Seravee 1/100
Garazzo can be a 50/50

Ahead Smultron can GTFO

MG Sword Shiloutte Impulse FTW

Comment by Ereos

Nu’s HWS looks very plain it seems… I guess it’s just a bulky extra frame that will come with the HGUC? Gonna take a lot of painting and lining in order to make it look good to me.

Comment by D-kun

Among all these new model kits..
Only that Ahead Smultron..can deserve a big o0o =.=

Comment by Buwl

Majority HWS is white, only need you marker to line it. Except you gonna paint with variation color. My SD HWS will has “big bro”, HG scale.

Comment by Epsilon_013

“only need you marker to line it”
I mean “only need your marker to line it”

Comment by Epsilon_013

so dat mg sword impulse i was just wondering wut da left top coner pic is about>????

Comment by asian1skill

It seems it has a giant boomerang configuration. Interesting, if you ask me.

Comment by Auriga

It’s just a part of the pack, you blind heathens.

Comment by Amon

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