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“Record of ATX”
February 8, 2009, 8:21 pm
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SRW Manga “Record of ATX” (SRW OG Divine War Side Story)

Download – Chapter 1-3

Download – Chapter 4-6

■ Download – Chapter 7-9

Download – Chapter 10-12

Download – Chapter 13-15

Download – Chapter 16-17

* Someone requested me to reupload.

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I’m gonna have to pick this up and read it sometime soon.

Many thanks!

Comment by Tatsubei Yagyu

Is it good?

Comment by ottoto

Thanks for this info!

Please, any scna of Macross Ace magazine?

Comment by megumifans12

Full scans for Macross Ace?

Comment by megumifans12

Well, looks awesome, and I only looked through the first chapter. =D

Comment by Nameless

Thank you very much!

Comment by gujk

I’d like to request links for the Dengeki SRW volume 8 manga if possible.

Comment by Soulgain

thanx srw u the best

but do u mind if i request Dengeki SRW volume 7

Comment by compital-kaiser


Comment by platinumunicorn

hmmm where can i get the SRW Volumes anyways?

Comment by Ereos

Could some one please up load the Getter Robo Hien MAnga?

Comment by Ultimate 00

is the manga in japanese of english

Comment by GESPENT

Thanks so much ^_^ This just made my day ^_^

Comment by robostrike

Who translated chapter 1, and are they doing the rest?

Comment by V

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