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MEGA HOBBY EXPO 2009 (winter) photo reports
February 10, 2009, 5:12 pm
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GA Graphic

Hobby Stock

Akiba Hobby 



[Alter] Full action figure

ARX-7 Arbarest 1/60

Release date: May

Price: 13,440 yen


[MegaHouse] SD action figure

SD Daizengar

Release date: May

Price: 5,775 yen


SD Ausenseiter

Release date: May

Price: 6,825 yen


* SD Alteisen and Weibritter will be out on July.


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Is it just me or is the SD Dygenguar and Ausenseiter super expensive? Alteisen and Weisbritter are more interesting for me though.

Comment by KMO

Both SD’s seperately are more expensive than some MG kits. Ausenseiter can be changed into Trombe for Dygenguar to ride too, but far too expensive for SDs. As for the the rest of the line up if Alt and Weiss are next possibly expect Wildwurger and Wildfalken and maybe Fairlions G and S.

Comment by F97 Crossbone X-1

The Arbalest looks… so… beautiful

Comment by NT01

I was hoping that the Dygengar and the Aussenseiter would be cheaper. That’s too bad. How large are they compared to other SD kits?

Comment by D-kun

[Alter] Full action figure

ARX-7 Arbarest 1/60

Release date: May

Price: 13,440 yen <—-Thats over price… If its chogokin I consider it, but not.

No big fan of SDs.

Comment by ottoto

The SD chippendales are indeed overpriced, but what has that got to stop from you purchasing since you are willing to bleed your wallet for a 1/144 monstrosity?

Comment by codename:v

I’ve always wanted to get Arbalest in model form but its like a never find….
that price is too much for me….

Comment by Ereos

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