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New pics of PG Gundam Astray Red Frame
February 12, 2009, 8:33 pm
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Very kick ass 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

I NEED THIS!!!!! I already have the other Astray Red 1/100 model and I must have this one too. Astray Red has been my favorite Gundam ever since I found the Astray mangas.

Comment by DemonPants

not entrested !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Akeara

that sword is nice…..

even though i probably can’t color that well to be like that.

oh well. still looks good over all.

Comment by ottoto

2 gerbera straight? that’s cool. but need more money to get it

Comment by Anonymous

Even a stand for the sheathed blades. How positively awesome.

Comment by F97 X-1

still, PG r very expensive for now

Comment by mykey

This is starting to look cool.
But the 2nd Gerbera, the sword stand, and the clear armor parts are only limited for the first-run. Better start ordering if you want those extra pieces.

Comment by glemtvapen

if we could buy the sword on its on i would

Comment by Ereos

does anyone know if the clear parts on the limited ed are additional parts or did they replace the regular opaque parts with clear ones (i.e. removed the opaques entirely and just gave out clear parts)?

Comment by Engr. Panda

the clear parts ar apart of the limited release

Comment by d. mills

Sweet i finished it but at the end i got a lot of random extra pieces( not the clear ones)especially in “J”. Can anyone tell me what theyre for? thank you.

Comment by Neku

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