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New kit review: HG Seraphim Gundam
February 13, 2009, 4:47 pm
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Last update: Feb. 21, 2009 





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Bought it for fun~ Almost identical to the original back piece that came with the 1/144 Seravee. Really really ugly is my end conclusion.
For 730yen, not really worth the money but still need it to keep up-to-date with my 00 play models.

Comment by Kosmos

Pig disgusting

Comment by Anonymous

Your waifoo is worth 730 yen, now that’s cheap. So cheap that it sets a new low for Gundam mecha design standards, now let’s see are you gay enough to buy this 00 faggotry

Comment by codename:v

well then how low your standard is, CV?
Remember CV, OO makes money for Bandai, and with that money Bandai can continuing their projects.
Yes, even Unicorn.

Comment by chivaz

I quite like it ^^”

Comment by kadej

I wonder if this Gundam can combine with another Gundams to form a huge mobile suit. The torso of the Serphim looks like a big Gundam head.

Comment by Anonymous

anon, youre kinda late. we already know it’s a gundam head. and luckily there will be nop giant gundam.

don’t know if i’m going to get this one. maybe if i already have seravee.

Comment by flamerounin

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