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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Poster
February 14, 2009, 1:07 am
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What kind of promo anyway?Manga?Model Kit? or maybe Anime???I hope it will be anime TV Series….:D

Comment by GhostVN

model kit. Ver. Ka.

Comment by ottoto

Likely made for the new Unicorn coating Uni. The Sinanju is still pretty recent too so why not?

Comment by shadowascendant

Ooooh! Nice!

Will it come with new coating Unicorn model kit? That would be a fantastic poster to have.

Comment by DarkCode

beautiful! anyway to get these in real carbon form?

Comment by Anon

Nice, now to make it a wallpaper…

Comment by glemtvapen

Ugh, so awesome, many thanks for the nicer quality pics.

Anyone found anywhere to buy these guys besides Yahoo Japan these days?

Comment by Knolly

when are the MF gona release the movie ?
what are they doing ?
it’s only a god dam movie ! whats taking so long !

Comment by spoiler

There is no confirm yet about OVA or anime TVSeries of this,and the 00 series is not finish yet so they cant annouce a new title.One of my friend said something about new anime gundam TVSeries will be annouce in arpil this year…Anyway,i already have Unicorn MG and Sinanju MG,and i’m very happy with them.Darm nice MG model kit…:D

Comment by GhostVN

This would be awesome if they made a anime out of this 😛

Comment by Ereos

MG Sinunju
I would like to buy one.

Comment by adc


Comment by Anonymous

Nice nice now I can make a back drop for both MGs now.

Thnx for sharing~


Comment by sbhboi

looks great 😀

Comment by realgundam

Whats the use of getting the model kit when you haven seen the movie ?

Comment by spoiler

Except there’s no movie. The novels haven’t even begun to be translated either. That doesn’t mean that people don’t know the story or characters however.

Comment by Amon

Why need to know about the movie before use of model kit?I don’t get it….From what you said then i need to wait to the movie of Charcounter Attack – Beltorchika’s Children before buy the model kit of Hi-Nu and Nightinggale????

Comment by GhostVN


Well since there is no movie, and Unicorn is a well known novel, i don’t see the reason to not get them, it happened to past Gundam Novels that aren’t as known as Unicorn and still got their respective models, even if they didn’t have animated versions and will never have them.

Comment by Metzen

Oh i get it
so who buys them are just a buch of collectors is that it ?

Comment by The Spoiler

To the collectors

Comment by The Spoiler

whats the manning of this
A collector is A collector
and if you gonna say that’s it’s like crossbone
get out of here
coz I hate all manga
gundam and manga
ohh please
did anyone known that there is A 00 before the animation started
we all known that there is A manga
but no one accepted it but when it’s animation began all of the fans or gundam fans
‘ohh whats this
A new gundam series
ohh yaaa it’s cool’
and then they started to look for the manga
and by the way
I love Unicorn gundam
the design is so strong
but do anyone think that it’s A copy from rising gundam
if you know what I mean?

Comment by orwah

anyone know where I can get info on Gundam Unicorn???

Comment by Hossi


Comment by Busterbeam

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