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Full scans this month’s Hobby Magazine
February 28, 2009, 4:39 pm
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Hobby Japan 4月 2009

Download Part 1 (Megaupload 1-100 pages)

Download Part 2 (Megaupload 101-200 pages)

Download Part 3 (Megaupload 201-301 pages)

Download (Namipan  1-301 pages)



Model Graphix 4月 2009

Download Part 1 (Megaupload)

Download Part 2 (Megaupload)

Download Part 3 (Megaupload)

Download (Namipan)


Source: Kunlun Model


How to download from Namipan

1. You must download Namirobotsetup

2. Install Namirobotsetup

3. Go to Namipan link that you want to download. click on > 纳米机器人专用链接

4. Press start botton

*Default location of downloaded files C:\Downloads\

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Thank you! but why don’t you just use bittorrent/megaupload/rapidshare? The program is a hassle.

Comment by girron

please use bittorent .. namipan don’t work on my pc

Comment by Kira

I can’t get it to work

Comment by wingstrike

it doesnt work for me

Comment by starboykb

I’m afraind it just does not work on a Macbook :(…

Comment by Akari

Comon please post a torrent pretty please with a cherry on top!

Comment by calla

Nampian succesfully installed
both files are in queue
but they stay at 0%

Comment by Dudette

it worked like a jem.

Comment by The Spoiler

Urgh something wrong. I can’t download it this time.

Comment by Epsilon_013

please anyone downloaded the second magazine
“Model Graphix” ?
does it have anything to do with mecha ?
why are F1 cars on it ?

Comment by The Spoiler

Finally. Little bit trick i do for download it.

Comment by Epsilon_013

@The Spoiler: just download them all, it is worth enough read. more usefull tips in there.

Comment by 4n0y1ngm0us

just torrent
is it hard

Comment by orwah

Bi torrent od megaupload…

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha immesso on line in queste ore le riviste nipponiche Hobby Japan […]

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Can anyone just put Model Graphix on Megaupload? Namipan doesn’t work for some reason…

Comment by Dman

Stop all your bitching! It’s a free service provided by SRW admin, all you leechers and bitching about download location needs to shut it!

Go buy the retail magazine for under $10 and stop complaining!

Comment by Kosmos

Some of us across the WORLD don’t have retail access to these magazines. “Bitching” and “shut it” isn’t very helpful. Thanks. I bought Model Graphix for 20 YEARS off the shelf, but no access now…

Comment by Dman

finally you did!!! thanks

Comment by hanks

thank You very Much SRW!!!

Comment by Steve

To those without retails to buy, it is really unfortunate. Isn’t possible to order from online locations?

Anyways, if these links don’t work, always trying searching for them at bittorrent websites and other sources too!

If I had the motivation, I would scan and distribute Dengeki and Hobby Japan for you all. But it is terrible to scan 300+ pages!

Dman I apologize to the harsh comments! Good Luck

Comment by Kosmos

Thanks, Kosmos. I respect what you are saying.

Ah. Namipan doesn’t not work on MAC. Oh, well.

Comment by Dman

Anybody here shouldn´t ask for the things lol just say Thanks and wait for more, cause am sure that SRW is going to put megaupload link for “Model Graphic” and the “3rd part of Hobby jaan Mag” 🙂

Comment by Steve

I’ll take your advice, Steve. You’re right. We spend too much time complaining and not enough time thanking!

Thanks, SRW for posting these magazines!

Comment by Dman

THANK YOU SRW!! (with caps) You’re Da Bomb!! Really appreciate your efforts.

Sort of a blessing and a curse right now, as I can’t really afford most of the stuff in those mags right now. LOL!

Comment by Anonymous


Steve! You were right!

Comment by Dman

[…] Full scans this month’s Hobby Magazine    […] […]

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“does it have anything to do with mecha ?
why are F1 cars on it ?”

Because it’s a modeling magazine that covers all genres of modeling, including mecha, cars and aircraft. Are you one of those fuckwits who thinks that mecha is the only subject worthy of being called models?

Comment by Anonymous

Namipan works like a charm for me 🙂

Thank you SRW for the monthly releases and keep up the good work

Comment by Anonymous

Why does the guy who does these scans insist on being a douche and putting huge obtrusive watermarks on them?

Comment by Anonymous

namipan rules, megaupload is a pain since rapget 1.41 died.
Thankyou a lot, great job xP

Comment by chongo

Very Thank, Staff SRW hotnews! Very Thank!

Fan, remenber, in Model Graphix 4-5: manga Magister Hayao Miyazaki

Comment by Debris

very thanks

Comment by y8

I had a problem downloading it too.

Comment by billydec

Thnx for the scans !

Comment by sbhboi


I gotta get me that goldiemarc.

Comment by ottoto

Thank you for the megaupload link. I could never get the Namipan one to work. Thanks again.

Comment by Dan

thank you so very much!

and any scan of Macross Ace?

bye, a hug! ^^

Comment by megumifans12

woohoo! thanks again SRW team, this made my day 🙂

Comment by bonny

Can someone mirror this somewhere or put it on BT? Does namipan have spyware?

Comment by Fan

For those who cannot access Namipan,

Hobby Japan Apr 2009

Model Graphix Apr 2009


Comment by James Gomez

Thank you!

Comment by Fan

Thanks for the scans. Been looking for them everyhwhere.

Comment by Michael6

[…] – Full scans hobby magazine (April) 2009 […]

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