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Date and price for SOC GX-46
March 2, 2009, 11:57 pm
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Soul of Chogokin GX-46 Daizengar & Aussenseiter

Release date: June

Price: 28,000 yen


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Time to sell off some nephews and nieces.

Comment by Anonymous

I would buy it if the Zankantou actually fills up with liquid metal.

Comment by F97 X-1

3-4 months? Okay, I think I can start a pot for that. Not bad for a two pack and an Aussenseiter that transforms.

I just hope the Yen->USD exchange rate doesn’t suck at it’s worst in June.

Comment by BlueAleseides

Well, what do you know? If you add up the previous Kotor’s Daizengar plamos (non-scale, Ikkitousen and 1/144) together, I’d say it’s pretty much close to that SOC figure.

Unfortunately, this SOC set just come at a very bad time like this. It’s quite a miracle for Bandai to launch this SOC while people are facing cut-pays and risks of retrenchments everywhere with the global depression going on and it says that the depression effect is going to last for another 15 years to come.

The SOC set is fully transformable and nothing is more pleasureable with a fully functional toy. Best of all, you can auction this toy on ebay and sell them to the highest bidder. At 28k yen, it’s quite a good buy compared to Kotor’s 1/144 which only sells on size. Patience has its reward and now I can hear the fags crying a river over their purchased spammed Kotor Daizengars.

Comment by codename:v

But surprisingly you’re not metioned how Bandai do its spam product too.

Comment by Fighters

Meh, I guess c:v is just in a pretty good mood.
I’m not too happy about this, though; there’s the Macross Quarter DX Chogokin planned, and now the Regnant from 00 seems to be planned…
Might have to start running a meth lab.

Comment by HathawayNoa

I saw A much better than this
and whats with that Aussenseiter
it’s A failure

Comment by orwah

I love those two
but i dono
i am afraid they turn out like Soul of Chogokin’s dangioh if you know what i mean.

Comment by The Spoiler

I’m going to wait on review of this before I pick it up first. 28,000 yen isn’t pocket change after all. : /

Comment by D-kun

I hope they look nice.

300 bucks is good for me.

Comment by ottoto

Too expensive for me

Comment by amuro0093

Pretty good for a chogokin nowadays. Just one with a few option parts runs around 150 or so like the Combattler and Daimos, so for two of them, depending on the size, this is pretty reasonable.
And regardless of the Trombe’s thunderthighs, it’s still transformable. That’s bloody impressive.

Comment by Ed

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