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Super Robot Wars Z Special Disc
March 3, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Look like someone in japan got this game….

 Download SRW Z Special Disc OP clip

Here are screenshots from Super Robot Wars Z Special Disc.

All pics from 2ch.


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Nice! As I expected it’s really poor as “Gaiden”

Comment by Folka

It’s just special disc not Gaiden

Comment by realgundam

aww man…guess i gotta wait until mine gets shipped from -_-”

* maybe he/she will upload it somewhere ?? *

Comment by breaktube

“It’s just special disc not Gaiden”
But it’s still way too expensive.

Comment by Anonymous

oh yeah…btw, can someone re-upload the video clip to rapidshare ??

* i can’t download from megaupload -_-” *

thanks in advance ^_^ !!

Comment by breaktube

It’s just the title screen with Crest of Z being played in the background. Not worth the download.

Comment by Anonymous

Wait the ISO…

Comment by Math

Super robot taisen Z special disc + Kamen Rider Decade Belt… someone is so lucky

Comment by Daichi

Honestly? I’d want the Kamen Rider Decade belt more than I would the Special Disc of Z…

Comment by D-kun

^^^—- I heard you buddy, that what I was thinking.

Comment by ottoto

the first pic looks like some power ranger morphing buckle

Comment by Ereos

is there a faq for the special disc? 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

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