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Super Robot Wars K site update
March 7, 2009, 4:27 am
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Super Robot Wars K official site has been updated in System page.


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Whos agree with me that the three Godanar, Shin Jeeg, and New Gaiking needs to be on Console….

I mean that move there with Godanar, seems epic to me…LOL…

Comment by ottoto

Awh, i want MacrossF in SRW.
By the way, when will K released?

Comment by eyeshield30

On a console? The DS -is- a console. An extremely popular console with a huge install base. A console that has almost no load times at all, something no other console can boast of.

PS2 SRW, while spectacular, load all the freakin’ time. It can make tedious fighting even more tedious. Same thing is true for GC and XBOX SRWs. The SRW that are gonna be coming out for the 360 and PS3 will also have ridiculous load times, simply because they disc-based systems. Same is true with the PSP.

The DS wins, as far as I’m concerned. NO LOAD TIMES FTW!!!

Comment by Tabion

No, the DS is a handheld.

Comment by Anonymous

no load times and no voice ^^

fail !

Comment by Anonymous

Awh, i want MacrossF in SRW.
By the way, when will K released?

Late March, IIRC

Comment by lxs

March 20th is the release date, is was suppose to be on April 2 but thumbs up for the early release xD

Comment by RED-AGENT

Post images about this game

Comment by Bossa Lover

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