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Super Robot Wars K PV3 (HQ)
March 9, 2009, 7:34 am
Filed under: Game, SRW, SRW K

Format MP4 Video Resolution 512 x 384

  Download (Megaupload)

Here is sample screen.


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Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

Comment by Tatsubei Yagyu

Looking forward to March 20!

These are some images of SRW K I found

Comment by Bossa Lover

Mirror : SRW K PV 3

Comment by Bossa Lover

Thats nice…. very nice….

Now I gotta get a DS again.

My kids broke one of mine.

Comment by ottoto

freaking awesome BGM!

can’t wait now!

Comment by Avasuule

I wonder what is the stat after EN

Comment by Anonymous

I believe the stat after EN is most likely +hit chance to the mecha, then dodge, and finally armour 🙂

Comment by comandaben

…Its either that or 140 is the +hit and 100 is the dodge, but considering it looks like a real robot i’d be surprised 😀

Comment by comandaben

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