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March 11, 2009, 10:08 am
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Famitsu game review scores:


Super Robot Wars K (NDS) – 9, 8, 8, 7 – (32/40)

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who is these ppl that keep giving it 9 or 10 sometimes… they don’t care of playing the same thing over and over again… very little innovation between series if any… c’mon

Comment by realgundam

7? That’s an odd rating considering one of them gave it a 9. Oh well, I guess you can’t please everyone.

Comment by Bolinoak

Who needs innovation if the game is fun and enjoyable? Stop being so picky.

Comment by Shinigami Grahf

To the first one, they have put many new series into SRW K, what else do your expect? Theres just no way in HELL they gonna change the ENTIRE cast in just one game, stop whining

Comment by tig

I like this quote from the second review: “There’s not many changes to the gameplay, so we can play comfortably/relaxed”, like he’s answering to all the heat Z got from 2ch regarding the crappy TRI system.

Also wasn’t this game geared towards new comers? So how come the last review is complaining that it’s hard for new comers? I guess it’s another sign of “Terada quality”.

Comment by Anonymous

No, it’s geared towards the current generation of players, not older people who remember the 80s more.

Also, the TRI system is ‘crappy’? Since when? It’s a much refined and improved Platoon system.

Comment by Nerem

To each their own, I guess, but I enjoyed the TRI system a lot more than @3’s squad system.

Comment by Anonymous

Since when? Maybe since Z was released?

TRI system is certainly “elaborated”, but hardly refined. We have 3 formations and whatnot, but what’s the use when one of them is so superior to the rest? But I guess that’s why they called it “TRI” system.

Also the number of Special Disks sold compared to the number of Z shows the “good impression” that Z left to those that bought it.

Comment by Anonymous

I think the TRI system actually adds some Strategy to this game.

Also, Famitsu gave Nintendo Dogs all 10s, if you’re gonna get butthurt over scores you need to stop reading reviews.

Comment by Anonymous

I guess we’re getting only one Build Angel unit. I assume its best attack will involve the other two, like the M1 Astray girls in SRW J.

And we get Godannar, Gaiking, and Shin Jeeg very early! Cool!

Comment by Milkman Dan

I like posts that say “I think this and that” and present zero arguments. What, you don’t have arguments to present or are you just afraid to see you opinion dissected?

What strategy? If you’re playing to get all the points you need to rely on TRI formation on those “beat X in y turns” stages to damage the enemy squad when counterattacking, if not the TRI system becomes irrelevant and only serves as the old Squad system, to put units that serve as “seishin” tanks or that has some squad bonus. So to conclude, the only time TRI system matters is when you have to change to TRI formation, damn that’s strategy right there.

Comment by Anonymous

anonymous = Codename: V

Comment by Titc

A present to this person above me.

Comment by Anonymous

Actually, make that two above me, the one at 6:11

Comment by Anonymous

3 posts obviously directed at my post yet all of them fail to give any meaningful answer, resorting to the cliches of internet argumentation: ridicule and misdirection.

Comment by Anonymous

In during people say Super Robot Wars sucks…
on a Super Robot Wars Blog.

Comment by Anonymous

‘ridicule and misdirection’

Strong irony in that statement.

Comment by Anonymous

“In during people say Super Robot Wars sucks…” – I said Z sucks, not SRW. But it’s interesting that you brought that up, because there is this notion (or idea, whatever you want to call it) on the Internet (or maybe in the current society) that it’s “the my way or the highway”, as in there is no “gray areas”. Example of this is how you associated my hate for Z to the idea that I hated SRW, which is far from the truth. But well, moving on…

“Strong irony in that statement.” – You are free to point them out, or are you going to keep up resorting to writing an idea without backing it up with arguments?

Comment by Anonymous

I assume you never actually bothered to play SRWZ on EX-Hard mode, and simply played Easy Mode. The TRI system adds a lot of strategy to the game because the counterattacks are not always the best feature if you can’t super-upgrade your units. Reducing damage or adding barriers is useful as hell. The best squad-killers are also not the best boss killers in the game, and that really ends up hurting you for getting skill points if you don’t make intelligent squads. Yes, the TRI squad is extremely useful, but it is far from the best. I would advise you stop playing on Easy Mode before complaining about the strategy involved.

Comment by Maro

“anonymous = Codename: V”

No shit.

Comment by mag4

“I would advise you stop playing on Easy Mode before complaining about the strategy involved.” – I don’t think that there’s an option to choose the difficulty when playing for the first time, so I don’t think it was my choice to play on easy mode. And since I already expressed my hate of Z it’s obvious that didn’t play more than once.

But besides that, being that I lack the knowledge regarding the Hard mode, I can’t counter anything of what you said, so kudos to you.

Comment by Anonymous

Why are you guys talking about SRWZ when this is a SRWK news post?

Or are you just trying to get attention and vent out of thin air?

Comment by Anonymous

people take “OPINIONS” too seriously.

Comment by ottoto

I think Tri system is good myself, add more to game play.

So if you believe all a game needed to do is replace its spirit and cast and release the same thing over and over again, and everytime making it seems like something new is fine (like we all know about the support attack already, they make a big deal out of many existing systems without even changing them), I guess good for you.

Comment by realgundam

Also the only SRW i found a little bit hard was at the end of SRW alpha gaiden, and that one stage in SRW EX where you are surrounded by enemies in all 4 side, adding psycho Gundam Mk2 coming out.
The rest is enjoyable, but far too easy.

Comment by realgundam

You didn’t find Advance/A Portable hard?

Comment by thepyro

Let me inform of you the jist of hard mode then. Heck, Its Called Ex-Hard mode actually… not just hard mode (which I think comes with the number of SR points you get)if I recall.

Anyways, this mode first off, makes all your units down light weighted. In easy terms, the game does not allow you to upgrade Pilot Skills, Mech Upgrades or buy stuff from the Bazzar. Well practically making money and pilot points useless as well as BS points. Second off, enemies get upgraded. Not sure by how much since it changes and I’ve never really bothered checking how much every stage, but most people confirmed that by the 40s stages, the enemy has a full upgrade compare to your measly nonupgrade unit. Well, also, it makes getting SR Points and completing other tasks a bitch.

Anyways, SRW are hell as easy when it comes to not doing any of the secondary requirements. Heck, SRW OG2’s secret of shishioh blade, hero mark etc etc was no easy task. Of course I could just ignore it and then it’ll be just a walk in the park.

Another thing is inovations don’t always make it better (it could make it worse like ACE 3 had good invoations, but it just killed the potential story line and made the game a bit shorter, it still had its good points, but i still prefer ACE 2… and then you can look at those final fantasy boys who love the old games and hate the new ones… and well, they do have a point a lot of the time (Final Fantasy 8 system faults for example) and if it work and people like it, why change it. The majority don’t care… they would only change it if the majority did care about things like that. So honestly, I can’t complain about things like this. Heck, I’m always look foward to good inovations, but if they just fail, then I rather just stay with the old.

Comment by Sora No Kaze

There IS a difference between Hard Mode and EX Hard Mode.

Hard Mode is based on getting a majority of SR Points and it can be done in any difficulty.
Ex Hard Mode is what you said, the only thing I can add is you’re constantly in Hard Mode in Ex Hard Mode.

Either way, the TRI system comes in handy. Just more so in one than in the other.

I put Grendizer in his own unit along with the two supporting crafts. Even though he can take damage pretty well, his supporting units can’t. So when I’m attacking a lone enemy (especially a group), the Wide or Tri formations are handy. But if I’m going to aggro a large group of enemies, I use the Line Formation and Grendizer pretty much sucks all the damage up.

I found the TRI system really good for destroying whole squads quickly, I can’t count the number of times I was killing Squads in Alpha 3 and all of their countermeasures (One surviving unit ruins a SR Point, Supporting, etc.)

I also enjoy the lower SP amount and the smaller squads you can sortie since I was getting used to constantly casting Seishin at the beginning of a battle for all 60+ units. By the last ten stages of Alpha 3, I was getting sick of going through each squad and casting prep seishin, even with the aid of the multiple seishin option.

The TRI system also allowed me to sortie out units together regardless of size, and boy did I go to town on that one. I felt I was effectively getting out all the units I wanted to during a battle rather than worrying about who’s size I had to fit in at the last moment in order to be effective.

Plus, if you hated the TRI system, it’s not like you can’t just stick to Triangle Formation for the whole game.

Comment by codename:^

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Sora No Kaze, anyone that played SRW that long knows what is EX-hard mode. I’ll ask in return how many SRW titles have you played.

EX-hard mode is just sad. All it does is replace easier enemies with harder ones and you cannot upgrade. It means one part of the game mechanic has to be totally remove to make it harder. IMO a good “hard” mode should also include how u should strategically upgrade your units to face challenges, EX-hard don’t have that, and hard is way too easy. You can play hard mode without upgrading anything too, hell don’t even use the upgrade item, that will be hard too, that that is not SRW, it just become another sol-unit based turn base stra game.

But you are right, innovation is not always good. But releasing the same system over and over again is not ether. But certain about of innovation is what get SRW get into what it is today. For example, Alpha introduced animation battle sequence.
Without innovation you will be doomed to be a follower and not the leader, it is the different of making a good game and a great game. Surely you can see a point as simple as this.

And no, A Portable is not that hard.

Comment by realgundam

Would you all just shut the fuck up and just comment politely and civilly?

This is a news site, not goddamned GameFAQs or SRWG.

Comment by Isao Kronos

Who is the one impolite here? I only stated my opinion in a civic way.

Comment by realgundam

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