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MG Gouf Ver. 2.0
March 14, 2009, 1:03 pm
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Bandai Plastic Kit Information Vol.1 Mag said upcoming next MG will be Gouf Ver. 2.0.


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Next up, Gouf Custom 2.0.

Comment by Guara

Is it really? that the next of Gouf v.2 is Gouf Custom V.2?

Comment by Abyss

Oh god I hope the Gouf fans are happy…But where’s my Gundam X MG? New designs are what we want not rehashes over and over. I guess is it saves money for Bandai but damn it all.

Comment by F97 X-1

Gouf, Gouf Custom, Gouf Flight type? 😛
I mean, if they’d did Zaku MSV variations..

I could even see them redoing Katoki’s Zaku F2 in 2.0, since from the Gouf -> Gouf Custom it’s only a small step to the Zaku F2.

Comment by Thom Vermazeren

Well, from the title there it looks like just the regular ‘ol Ramba Ral Gouf from 1st Gundam. Still, that is very cool. And I’m sure Bandai will get the opportunity to do the 8th MS team Gouf Custom at some point.

Comment by Anonymous

when can I expect my nu-gundam 2.0 (HWS?), damn you, bandai!

Comment by Anonymous

Rather a Gouf than the eventual thirty thousand GM variants. You know Bandai will abuse the crap out of its frame like they did with the Zaku.

Comment by Amon

But GMs are damn awesome. Much better than a Gouf.

Comment by thepyro

my dog whines from hunger, will be am it…

Comment by Ivan

Still hoping for a RX-78NT-1 Ver 2.0

It’s the 20th anniversary for the 0080 OVA this year after all.

Comment by Anonymous

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