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March 14, 2009, 10:51 pm
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Seravee Gundam 1/100 (デンデロの消失-俺とfigmaとガンプラと-)



 MG GM Ver.2.0 (Takehisa & Healing Bear’s Room For Gundam)


 Seravee Gundam 1/100 (Aoi Model Shop)


 MG Shin Musha Gundam `Sengoku no Jin` (ホビーの虜)


 Valsione 1/144 (Aoi Model Shop)


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So they finally decided to roll out the Seravee + Seraphim… about time too.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

is it just me or does that piccy of valsione have 2 right hands? the left hand just looks off anyway

Comment by Macodaz

Yeah you’re right those are 2 right hands :p

That Seravee looks very good, on my buy list :3

Comment by Shiro

usually the photographer is a different person & not the modeler, so if they don’t know stuff about model kit, such accident is more likely to occur.

Comment by rekkou

The GM looks BAD
there is somthing wrong with the white color
besides who would buy a GM really.

Comment by The Spoiler

@The Spoiler
Come on.. Thats the reason why Bandai give ace pilot emblem so you can pain it with their color scheme. just re-paint it with white or character white color. If you got kit but under your expectation just remodel (customized) it it. If there is someone who like your customized, just sell it higher than normal price because it is ‘limited’. Use your creativity.

Comment by Epsilon_013

ahh the 1/100scale seravee/serphim .. go the 1/144 scales already, fun but shitty poses .. the 1/100 gives you the arms in the legs and hand attachments to hold up for beam swords .. hmm~ but usually not a big 1/100 person unless MG grade

Comment by Kosmos

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