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SRW OG ART-1 (1/144)
March 16, 2009, 2:16 pm
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Upcoming next SRW OG plastic kit from Kotobukiya

ART-1 (1/144)

Release date: July

Price: 5,040 yen

*Download all pics click here.

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Uyaaaaaa I’m looking forward to this model!!!!

T-link BALAAAAADE Knuckle!!!!!

Comment by kadej

but the colors could use some work.

Comment by The Spoiler

This kit along with Thrudge or Sledegelmir is a must get for me! Koto is really churning these ‘bots out!

Comment by Anonymous

Damn this thing costs almost as much as the 1/100 R-1. It better be damn good, Koto!

Comment by AceWhatever

just give me OG3 already :0

Comment by realgundam

ART-1 is cool but I want Soulgain!! You’d think after they released Personlickheit they would release Soulgain after.

Comment by F97 X-1

Judging by Koto’s release pattern, we’ll be lucky if we get any Shadow Mirror mechs at all by the tail end of 2010.

Comment by AceWhatever

Must. Get.

Along with the precious R-1.

Comment by BrianGeneral


Comment by Master P Rayer

At last my waiting is over! now give me Laftkranz!!

Comment by rekkou

Hard to believe how well made this one seems to be considering that just about a year and a half ago most SRW kits looked like shit molded into colour…

Comment by shadowascendant

Nice, an OG model. I was hoping for the Rapiecage, but this is good too. XD

>Judging by Koto’s release pattern, we’ll be lucky if we get any Shadow Mirror mechs at all by the tail end of 2010.

Looks like they’re giving us Einst and Earth Cradle mechs first. Of course, considering the number of antagonist mechs this year (although it’s only two, that’s the total antagonist units in the koto collection if you don’t count the Type O), it might be the year of the bad guys. So, I wouldn’t count out Soulgain, Ashsaver, or Zweizagain.

Comment by Nameless

I wouldn’t call it a pattern of enemy bosses. Either way pretty much the entire Koto SRW lineup -aside from oddball releases like R-Blade Custom, the repainted Alt with katana and now the ART-1- consists of mechs belonging to the main cast of the OG games with a noticeable absence of the A cast.

Comment by AceWhatever

you know… it would be nice to know if Kotobukiya will ever release R-3 Powered… so that all my R-Series can be displayed together along with SRX.

Comment by Sei

5040 JPY?!… Well, i gonna re-think to buy it or not. Too much Bandai kits in my list.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Not bad anyway and this should beat the previous no-show R-1 anytime. Being this is a 1/144 Kotor kit, I find it ridiculously overpriced since Kotor kits aren’t as detailed as Bandai’s gunplas and not as posable as HGUC either. Hell, when would it be Bandai’s turn to make OG kits since those belong to them afterall? Sometimes it’s best to compare all things in terms of values and details, looks can be deceiving and that’s what companies are cashing on-gullibility. Being made a sucker at this crucial time of this year? Not likely and I’ll rather settle in for a MG Sinanju

Comment by codename:v

Actually Koto kits are better detailed and the 1/100s beat out any MG in terms of poseability, especially considering the ways you have to do the joints on them, like the Alt’s.
Simply look at the AC kits to see a marvel in terms of detailing on such a small scale. Plus, HGs have only gone past the horrors of polycaps in the last year or two. Koto still uses them, but the use them properly.

Comment by Ed

I don’t think V ever bought a SRW model from Koto. Their SRW models are VERY detailed. For 1/144, they’re a lot more detailed than Bandai’s 1/144 models. And when you thought they’d show you with their 1/100, Koto does a better job of that too.

Comment by Nameless

pucking hella sweet buuut
price!?!?!? is daring too much

Comment by Ereos

To codename:v i have done both bandai’s gundam and koto’s SRW models, and koto’s 1/100 definitely beat bandai’s in details… Even in the accessories too… Though that means more time spent building it, it is definitely worth the extra cash…

Comment by nobody

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