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New OG mecha for SRW K
March 18, 2009, 11:54 pm
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Solvrias Rex


Solvrias Regina




Character portrait


More images from SRW Genesis board and GameFaq

Mist’s weapon upgrade:
Angelica’s upgrade:
Mist’s unit upgrade:

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LOL wow wat happen?! the design just looks like they squish them together, with no idea where to put the extra parts so they just let it hang out in awkward places. man wat was the deisgner thinking. i think this is by far one of the worst upgrade for a main there is. so sad cuz the first design had so much room to make it cooler, but instead we get this piece of crap. sigh im a big fan of SRW but they really need to think of a better way to design their robots.

Comment by RED-AGENT

I see SRWK is fearlessly treading the path of failure 😦

Comment by Anonymous

Well I’ve just gained these units. Like the other originals, they look a lot better SDifed and animated.

Comment by Bolinoak

Wow what a lousy design. I agree with RED-AGENT’s point of view. Its far too awkward…

Comment by Zero

If you are big fan of Getter machines and anything that exchanges the head&butt-roles like dual-combiners from Transformers Victory and Twinzam-V from Kikaioh, this OG mech from K might just be the thing for you.

But I must say that this is just way too silly and unoriginal for a OG mech, what was the designer (whatever his name) really thinking anyway. If you had seen the fully transformable getter machines before, you should know there are just way too many parts sticking out like dangling oversized acessories like a walking Christmas tree, which are what I am looking at right now-Solvrias Rex and Regina.

Truly, K is for Krap

Comment by codename:v

Hm, have to admit I don’t like the design.

Comment by amuro0093

What the Hell…………….
this really looks by far the

Comment by SRX121

Forgot to say Worst

Comment by SRX121


I was about to say that it reminds me a little of Getter combinations. xD

Comment by zerojad

when c.v. said the combine style looks like transformer it reminded me of transformer energon. again by far not the best of transformer being that none of the combine form of any transformers looks appealing. all the design are the same that all of them have tons of parts that doesnt seem to fit with each other and everything just hangs out. At least getter merges all 3 machine together to look uniform, but all this is doing is stack to 2 together. i mean look at SRX even with its big head which is the logo of banpresto it looks uniform, this one is just lazy and crap. so disappointed. =(

Comment by RED-AGENT

Solvrias Rex looks like some red mecha from some old Japanese anime series. I forgot what the anime was called but it looks almost exactly like it, especially the head.
Selkerius looks like a rip off from Zone of the Enders. The legs and binders of the mech is exactly the same design used in ZOE.
Solvrias Regina looks like a skinny mech with lots of mods and weapons slapped onto it. Not very appealing to the eye if you ask me. The heavy top and thin bottom…

Comment by Wind

What the crap! It just looks like someone bended the originals over and applied lots of glue.

Comment by Anonymous

I take back any doubts I had about the Original Units, in terms of Animations and it’s attacks, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

I enjoy it, I just wish the portraits were cleaner.

Comment by Isao Kronos

3rd mech looks like ANUBIS from Zone of the Enders

Comment by Ereos

huhuhu,thwey thought by puttign colors like SRX would end up great,just how wrong were they,this is by far the ugliest original i have seen in my life IMO,please tell me that those mecha could atc combine and look more decent

Comment by DareiL

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