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SRW K Final Event (spoiler)
March 18, 2009, 12:41 am
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New OG mecha (Revirias+Selkerius)



Final battle event

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for those who guessed that the mains was going to combine, congrats you got it right. kinda disappointed about the design but only a little bit. It just reminds me of transformers that way they combine or like how the main is in SRWD, but that one was made to be a super. O well cant wait to get to that part. xD

Comment by RED-AGENT

ha! called it.

I’m gonna guess that the super might be a little different for the other partner.

Comment by Avasuule

Not digging the design, but who cares. As long as it has power! Besides I have Gaiking, Jeeg, Dangaioh, and Strike Freedom to appeal to my cool senses.

Comment by Ultimate 00

Anyone know when were going to get a real SRW game?

Comment by Anonymous

…is this not considered a real SRW for some odd standard that you have?

Comment by lxs

yeah…how is it NOT a real super robot wars game ?!.

* anyhow, that attack was real cool for a NDS game ^_^” *

Comment by breaktube

People have finished this game and I still have to be load it for the first time ^___^

Comment by Mazinkaesar

i kinda imagined that it’ll be 3 to 1 combination with serious I & II be the left & the right leg since the design is identical, if its a 2 to 1 combination i doubt that there’ll be a difference in their design, but manipulating attack type is not a hard things to do just like Laftkranz final attack

Comment by rekkou

I thought it will be 5 to 1 combination as a nod to Voltus or Combattler. Guess I was wrong 🙂

Comment by ubr

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