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HG Trans-Am Raiser Glossinjection Ver.
March 19, 2009, 12:16 am
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HG Trans-Am Raiser Glossinjection Ver.


SD OO Raiser


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Gonna get 00 raiser trans arm, although just gonna take GN-Sword 3 for normal 00 raiser

Comment by Epsilon_013

I’ll wait for the inevitable regular color version of the GN-Sword3 >_<

Comment by Guara

Dammit I wanted the GN Sword III but they had to go and release it in different versions the 00 raiser that is, so they could steal all our money! I hope you’re happy Bandai.

Comment by F97 X-1

Clear beam effect parts for both GN Sword II & III, seems like it has poisoned me very effectively now…Even in BB 00 Raiser has clear parts…dang..

Comment by sbhboi

(I hope you’re happy Bandai.)

Of course Bandai is very happy to be able to make suckers out of everyone of you and they really hope it stays that way. Keep it gay faggots

Comment by codename:v

Sorry, but i’m not feel that way. All kits i got must satisfy my modeler “spirits”. Don’t like the color just repainted with your own custom color. Got 2 same model? 1 for normal, other will be my experiment for customize or battle scarred. That’s simple for me. Like my plan to get HWS, my old nu will be double fin funnel. As for this, 00 raiser trans-am color, i got a plan to repainted will black or “phase- shift down”(Strike) color scheme. Or maybe Char’s zaku color scheme, of course with zeon/neo-zeon emblem instead CB emblem. :p

Comment by Epsilon_013

At least there’s no additional price for trans-am color in 144, not like extra finish ver.

Comment by Epsilon_013

This is what happens when Katina uses real blood to paint mechs.

Comment by Nameless

Nameless March’s comment just had me loling for some reason XD

Comment by Yuu

Hmm, I dunno… I just can’t take to Trans-Am outside the show. I think I need a can o’ sparkles…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


That’s how we own a pair of same design kit, for battle damage & for showcase only. =)

Comment by sbhboi

I never thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know… I agree partially now.

Comment by TeacherForex

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