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Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen PV (cam)
March 21, 2009, 12:18 am
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From Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009


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OMGOMGOMGOMG can’t wait >..<;

*sigh* if only I can find a translator interested in doing it for my group :<

Comment by Jabo

I look forward to It. Next upgrade GRANDIZER please 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

two weeks not that long….Good…

Comment by ottoto

PILDER OOOOOON! That was hotblooded in all sense of the word! Kouji’s new VA might be promising.

Comment by F97 X-1

I think it’s about time Japan make move for new creativity and stop making remakes of old classics. It doesn’t show that Japan is still top in the mecha anime business and slowly, Bay’s Transformers and T-Salvation may soon eclipse the East.

Comment by codename:v

I see no reson for it.
we already have MazinKaiser which has all mazingers.
a remake of GRANDIZER would have been much better.
but scince MAZINGER Z is the number 1 in japan therefore they made a remake nothing more.

Comment by The Spoiler

This Great
and it would be
good to see a Re-make of Grendizer
or Even a Getter Robo Ark
over all I’m looking forward to see
the Mazinger Z Remake

Comment by Anonymous

This Great
and it would be
good to see a Re-make of Grendizer
or Even a Getter Robo Ark
over all I’m looking forward to see
the Mazinger Z Remake

Comment by SRX121

NICE X 10000000000000000000000

Comment by MingZ

[…] […]

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only 10 comments. check this web site thers over 140 comments..

Comment by zzzzzzzzzzzzz

this is not a remake its the real deal.

Comment by Akeara

CV, East being eclipsed by West in the Mecha department will never happen, since West gives a damn about Mecha in the Main Stream, unlike East, Sci Fi bein more West’s thing, could be discussed, but Mecha itself, will always be a East thing.

The Ammount of Mecha Productions between both sides could easily show you which side did better in the Mecha Genre, besides, you can’t really compare Terminator Salvation with Shin Mazinger Z, it’s like comparing Robocop with Gundam, because both have “robots”.

They may be Mecha as fictional robots of sci fi productions, but, theme wise they are far too different, one is a a post apocalitptic time and space travelling sci fi story about machines trying to wipe out mankind, while the other is just Giant Robots fighting each other, because an evil scientist wants to take over the world, and some dude with a powerful Giant Robot won’t allow it.

Comment by Anonymous


West take over the East in Mecha? Man, CV, you should write a book. Every three words would be a laugh.

If anything, Transformers and T-Salvation is hardly “original” both of them are properties from the 80s and the new Transformers designs aren’t exactly something to be admired for the most part. Hell, Sideswipe’s design has WHEELS for FEET, sense = zero?

T-salvation? Same T1000 design. Mecha the East’s sense hardly exists in the west.

The Anonymous poster above me is dead on.

Comment by DarkCode

TAF 2009 various video…FMA 2009,Lost Canvas,Shin Mazingher,

et plus su Animeclick ( My note X equipe Animeclick.)

Eden of the East,Summer Wars,Valkyrie Chronicles…etc

Best regard a Manuloz ( staff Manganimation ) e Tanks a lady wx6115 from You Tube

Comment by Debris

The reason why the “East is Gay” is because faggots made that happened, thanks to some faggotries like SRW, 00 and SEED where crappiness has continuously hit new lows in terms of creativity and quality in the anime-manga business. I doubt any of you faggots did watch T-series and Bayformers since all you have in your heads now is “Setsuna the Gundam” Have you even check out the mecha designs for Salvation and Revenge-of-Fallen? I can tell’ya, these can beat Gundams, Evas and Mazingers anytime. Since this site and /m/ are overcrowded with japanophiles and weeaboos, the only mechas they know of is none other than Gundam and mechas is an eastern thing. Mecha fans? Hah!

Comment by codename:v

Being a Battletech fan here i can’t stop laughing at your claim CV.

I had saw the desings if “Bayformers” (pretty much watched the movie) and the T-Series are the same thing than back in the 80’s, much getting some extras stuff and a few extra giant robots for once, but, consdering the movie is meant to take place before the famouse first time travel to stop the original Terminator, you can’t expect more newer desings besides a few things that could be added using the logic “since we never developed the future, you couldn’t had known it existed”

West is better for Sci Fi in General, Mecha Genre will remain being a East thing, after all, the best “video” version of Starship Troopers will always be those OVAs made in Japan, and we know that technically ST is a West Thing.

I’ll not look down on American desings or anything, but neither i’ll look down on Japanese desings either.

You’re just being a pathetic and obvious troll, that lacks the authority, intelligence and right to complain or claim what is good and isn’t, considering that you do 100% the stuff you criticize on others and no, don’t try the “Fan Work” Card on us, if you cared sooooooo much for originality, not “ripping off” and other stuff, you would had probably worked more on 100% original desings and nto just Gundam Ripoffs or your so called “i’m doing SRW OGs better while making them Gundam/Virtual On wannabes, even the Super Robots”. And let’s not forget your so called “Ideological Rightful” Rants, you go around preaching about understanding, equality, etc. yet you are highly racist, use soo much gay and faggotry as an insult that either makes you look like a 4channer or a homophobic at full capacity and even if people answer you without any insults and with respect, you answer back with disrespect and insults.

Go back to Bed and get your pill CV, you really need them.

Comment by Anonymous

i want sub gaiking 1-39

Comment by mazinger_zz

I hope the story will be the official prequel of MazinKaiser 😀

Comment by Mazinkaesar


Funny, I KNOW for a fact I know more about Transformers than you will ever. T salvation and Transformer designs for the movies aren’t all that great. Have you seen the trailer? The giant fucking wheel robot? Yeah, that’s practical.

Comment by DarkCode

Both of them only great in Special Effect. V go work with Pixar and give your idea to make your own gundam movie. Lets see if your work’ll better than G Saviour

Comment by Epsilon_013

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