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March 21, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Last update: March 25th  

Gundam 002nd mechanics artwork  [Gundam ACE]


Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C.0081 for PS3 [Gundam ACE]


Hughes Courand: Commander of the Phantom Sweep Squadron, he’s tasked with the duty of mopping up Zeon remnants. He has a bitter past in which his entire team was annihilated. Voiced by Touchi Hiroki (Lasse Aeon/Michele Corematta) 


Chelle Allison: A test pilot assigned to the unit as a replacement soldier. She has a rather large secret… Voiced by Nakamura Chie (Naruto’s Sakura)

Hugh Carter: Due to violating military protocols, he’s sent to this unit. He displays strong opposition to power and authority. Voiced by Yanaka Hiroshi.


Erik Blanke: Commander of the Invincible Knights. Voiced by Uchida Yuuya.

Airos Bade: Erik’s childhood friend. He gives Erik advice in a calm and collected manner. Voiced by Hamada Kenji.

Fritz Bauer: Another of Erik’s childhood friends. He’s brave and sentimental, yet doesn’t get them into dangerous situations. Voiced by Toriumi Kousuke.


Production/Direction(?): Edou Hirotaka
Scenario: Matsumoto Kouki


 Info from Gundam|News


Robot Spirist <Side MS> Crossbone Gundam X-1 – June, 3,510 yen  [Gundam ACE]



New Mobile Suit from Gundam Unicorn 0096 Final Sect [Gundam ACE]

YAMS-132 Rozen-Zulu


Unicorn upgrade? [Gundam ACE]



SDX Command Gundam

SDX Superior Dragon



G.F.F.N. Aile Strike Gundam


Kotobukiya – Virtual On Oratorio Tangram

RVR-87 Specineff (DNA SIDE) 1/100


Kotobukiya – Linebarrels of Iron

Line Barrel Over Drive 1/144

Vardant (Support Medium-range Version) 1/144

Hind Kind  (Support Long-range Version) 1/144



Kotobukiya – Armored Core

White-Glint (Line Ark) 1/72

Vanguard Over Boost (VOB) 1/72

Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah Surrplis (Fight Night Ver.) Miyazawa Limited 1/72 



Kotobukiya – Frame Arms




Tamashii Macross VF100’s VF-19 Excalibur Custom

Brave Gokin Linebarrel Over Drive


Revoltech Neo Project – June

DX Chogokin VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Ozma Custom) – June, 18,900 yen 

Soul of Chogokin GX-46 Daizengar & Aussenseiter – June, 28,000 yen



Robot Spirist <Side KMF> Tristan

Robot Spirist  <Side MS> Regnant


 SD Gundam Senshi Sangokuden Series


HG Ahead Smultron – April, 1,260 yen

HG Trans-Am Raiser Glossinjection Ver. – April, 2,100 yen

HG Arche Gundam – May, 1,680 yen

00 Raiser with GN Sword III 1/100 – May, 5,250 yen

HG O Gundam – June

HG Susanowo – July

Action Base 1 Federation/Zeon  – April, 840 yen


MG Shin Musha Gundam Seasonal Festival Ver. – March, 8,400 yen

MG Sword Impulse Gundam – April, 4,725 yen

MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka Titanium Finish – March, 8,400 yen

MG Gundam OYW Gundam Crisis Ver. – 3,680 yen

HGUC Nu Gundam HWS – April, 2,940 yen

HGUC RMS-099B Schuzrum Dias – May, 1,785 yen

Gundam Astray Gold Frame 1/100 – May, 3,360 yen


MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 – May, 3,990 yen




Mobile Suit Gundam 00V

GN-007/AL Arios Gundam Ascalon


Soul SPEC Tekkaman Blade and Pegus

Yamato – Macross SDF-1, 1/2000

DX Chogokin Macross Quarter



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Someone made a Tekkaman Blade chogokin >^<

Comment by Ed

^—It didn’t say its Chogokin.

I only saw “Sprite Specs”????

The Shin getta 1 interested….Some kinda new Soul of Chogokin? EX-gokin Machine Plasta series?

Man, I shouldn’t fail my 11’s language class….

Comment by ottoto

Spec and DX Chogokin are still Bandai products, so I have no idea what’s with the different names and stuff.

Comment by Justsomeguy

Now if someone can explain to me, what is Sprite Spec??? I’m so happy that something is coming out for Tekkaman Blade. It seems that whenever a series gets into SRW, more merch ends up being made for it, no matter how old the series is.

Comment by Anonymous

Soul of Chogokin for Super robot.
Soul of Chogokin Spec for Real robot.

Comment by superrobotwar

If we can refit Blade in Blaster mode then I’m dying to buy it.

Comment by BrianGeneral

i wonder how much of the zaku 2 frame the gouf uses?

Comment by Busterbeam

They’re still doing Gatchaman merchandise? Awesome.

Comment by AirMaster

Wow a Tekkaman Blade Soul Spec and Pegas?! Its even got a Tek Setter Crystal as the base! AWESOME!

Comment by F97 X-1

Woah, the Tek Setter Crysta as the base? That IS awesome. =D

Comment by Anonymous

Hmm about that Shin Getter 1 figure, i actually think it’s the Ancient Getter Robo that supposedly is featured in the Getter Robo Mangas (which basically was like the Jin Getter Robo of Shin vs Neo).

Why i’m suspecting this? because of the obvious bulky looks of the limbs and some spikes and extra parts in the silloute that actually resembles some of the Ancient Getter parts (like those Shoudler spikes)

Though it could always be a retake of Shin’s desing, like that retake made for the original Getter Robo that had a more realistic look, or that one that was fully combinable from the Get Machines.

Comment by Metzen

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The least they could have done was make that 00 Raiser 1/100 with sword a MG or something.

Comment by DarkCode

I’m kinda dig into Kotor’s Virtual-ON plamos and hopefully they can do a better job than Hasegawa. But the new Frame Arms just really turn me off with such poor designs from Yanase, who also did other sub-par works for 00 and SRW. Much like cheap copycat works from UCnovel Loto and MuuLuu, what a shame

Comment by codename:v

macross quarter?! wow i have got to see that to believe it.

Comment by Busterbeam

Finally some infos about the Rozen Zulu, looks bigger than any Zulu models. I don’t think that’s upgrade for the Unicorn with all the big guns and shields attached onto it, something like the 7th Gundam’s heavy armed form. Reminds me of WarMachine from Darkavengers issue.

Comment by codename:v

Bit of Rozen Zulu is more like cheap copycat from Rose bit of Rose Gundam. What a shame.

Comment by Fighters


Oh man, I read your second comment first and I was proud of you! Not an insult in your entire post, than I read the first. Do you get off on insulting designs that aren’t even as bad as you claim? I mean, you admit subjectivity yet you continue to make your posts continually about insulting and degrading, it adds NOTHING to your credit. Merely just an ass.

Comment by DarkCode

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The name is Rozen Zulu, the bits is designed that way so it’ll fit the name

Comment by rekkou


First of all, your post tend to sound like you’re butthurt about the way how I rant. Secondly, your attempt to sound cynical turns out to make a dick out of yourself. So why so butthurt?

I don’t have to be pretentious when it comes to mecha designs and everyone are entitled to voice out their own opinions. Good designs get appraisals while bad designs get rants, that’s how the real world really is. So why is it so difficult for you to understand such a simple logic? Do you think everyone should suck up to faggotries? Only faggots do that because they are gay. I must say, watching too much 00 can really regress bright minds to retards. How sad…

Comment by codename:v


Of course you would think the Rozen Zulu is a copycat because it’s not Gundam. Gee, since when rose-shaped funnels are only limited to Gundams? What more, this design truly fits for gay guy who is infatuated about Full Frontal.

Comment by codename:v

If I am to be considered a “dick” it would not be anything to be concerned about in comparison to yourself.

So how do you determine good design? I like the 00 designs and find the show well enough, just because it’s not UC doesn’t automatically make it bad. You like being controversial, maybe so your opinion won’t be lost, or to make a point, okay, but it still makes you an ass.

Also, I fail to see how 00 is “gay.” Like I’ve said before, Loran has crossdressed much more than Tieria ever has. Even though that is more of an anime thing and not even gay.

Just because I oppose you doesn’t make me retarded. Listen, I can respect you if you actually make a decent argument, but you haven’t and have stated your “reasons” with calling it “faggotry” which is being horribly disrespectful AND is definitely bigotry. Especially with how often you mention gays, it really sounds like you have a hang-up with your own sexuality. Not to insult you or anything, but you should stop doing that, and give it some thought.

You have the easily have the capacity to be someone who can add something intelligent to a conversation, but you make the conscience choice to be a jerk when you could actually point out WHY something sucks. And better yet, do it without being a jerk.

Comment by DarkCode

I see why V never responded to people until now. He sucks at it. >_>;;;

Comment by Nameless

I hope we get a better picture of that “upgrade” for Unicorn, because for i’m not liking what i’m seeing, but maybe it’s just the picture that can’t show the parts properly.

And people are making a great deal for that Rozen Zulu, it’s just a Rose styled, Newtype Geara Zulu, not really something that worths being underrated or overrated, like the Original “Newtype Dom” that Haman used back in CDA.

Comment by Metzen

At last you ‘ve repplied. Hikikomori. Where have you been? Find a man you can take your faggotry?
Ohhh… I thought you’re always like all UC design though its design look like for gay guy.
It is not about copy from gundam or not. But the fact Bit shape like Rose was use by Rose Gundam first before Rozen Zulu. So ITS COPY. Can you take the fact. Oh i forgot you can since you’re UC elitist who can stand other MS design outside UC timeline. After all you always complain about how faggotries 00 are, but i see nothing gay in it, just crossdress and JUST 1 episode. You watch too much gay anime such as Loveless.

Comment by Fighters


It’s not difficult to engage in decent debates, just ask politely instead of trying to sound cynical at nice comments which you usually don’t heard from me. It was you who acted like an ass in the first place, remember?

So you’re saying that Tieria had a crush for Neil isn’t gay? Lyle falling for an XXY innovator-Anew isn’t gay? Crossdressing maybe an anime thing but aren’t mixing boy-loves with mecha really gay? If 00 isn’t gay, then what do YAOI and YURI actually stand for? Did you know that girls made up the majority of 00 viewers like Wing does? Where do you thinks all those YAOI 00 fanarts are from? Does Klinefelter Syndrome ring a bell?

After airing for 2 seasons, I just find 00 easily forgettable. Rehashed mecha designs, weak story, shallow plots and too much loopholes where dead useless characters can be resurrected. I find Graham’s role in S2 pitiful that he got so little air time eversince he puts on an ugly mask and he’s not as good in S1 where he can rivals the Gundams. Speaking of the Gundams, they are just overpowered and boring. Especially the 00 Raiser which always appear victorious after each cliffhangers and sweep off enemies easily while grunts has to struggle like mad to fight them.

On Graham again, who also known as Mr Bushido whose identity already known since day 1 and that useless ugly mask is what reduces him to useless characters like Marina Ismail, who is a failed remake of pacifist Relena Peacecraft. Anew’s role as a prick within CB is just so obvious since she joined them and what is so exciting about having a twin who pilots the captured Gadessa? Hello? Everyone looks exactly the same in anime-manga.

Louise-Saji complex relationship is no different than Kamille-Rosamia’s but only weaker with Louise’s easy-as-pie revenge against Nena and Saji’s easily rescuing Louise from the Regnant. There aren’t any depths in these plots and only contribute more to mediocrity. Marina and the children are just plain helpless and utterly useless in many episodes. Who wants to listen to her songs?

00 sucks not because it’s not UC, it’s because it failed to outdo other UC titles and regress storytelling to kindergarten level. Worst of all, it was meant to cater YAOI faggotry among otakus in Akihabara, like how Wing was based on boysband idolization. I can tell you, Zeta is more memorable than this 00 faggotry, which I find completely forgettable. Lastly, I’m entitled to voice out my opinions and I don’t force my opinions on everyone like the faggot lots of you because anything against faggotry is deemed trolling.

Comment by codename:v


The only reason why I reply to you in this box is to let you know that I think you are a faggot and I don’t reply to faggots because they simply don’t listen.

Comment by codename:v

Ohh.. This odd. CV rearely repply someone post . If He do, I think he really pissed off if someone comment about new UC design. As UC elitist, he can take that as new UC design as copy from old MS design from outside UC.

“Gee, since when rose-shaped funnels are only limited to Gundams”
Ok, V. Now, same question: Since when weapon tech like Funnel is just only limited for UC era and when Outside UC can’t? If it have, like Dragoon-Fang, it just copy from UC. Since you always complaint seed-00 are COPY things but you barely can take bit of Rozen isn’t copy bits from rose Gundam, Because ITS UC. Can you see the fact Rose Gundam was ‘born’ before Rozen Zulu? If you always complaint seed-00 are copy from old UC, now this time Rozen’s bits are copy cat. Open up your mind from your deep hikikomori slumber.

Comment by Epsilon_013


Oh hellya I only dig good designs and I think faggots like you who suck up at cheap designs are really gay. Your attempt to sound intelligent and cynical only make you look like a butthurt squealer. Why so butthurt?

Comment by codename:v


I think it’s YOU and faggots who really needs to open up since all you fags have are Gundam this and Gundam that. First of all, funnels were conceptualized in UCverse and it’s perfectly normal in a UC timeline. Unlike AUs where they just can’t shake off the UCness in them and reusing old UC ideas, who is the copycat now?

Comment by codename:v

“The only reason why I reply to you in this box is to let you know that I think you are a faggot”
Just an alibi from CV. The real things: CV had read your comment, got burn in his butt-hole and replied your comment. XD

Comment by Epsilon_013

Interesting title for the last section of Unicorn… “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Comment by Deacon Blues

^ Or just “Over the Rainbow” depending on how you want to look at it.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Hehe i’m gald you’re replied me.
“First of all, funnels were conceptualized in UCverse and it’s perfectly normal in a UC timeline”
Is there something wrong? If talked about First conceptualized: Just said All battle ship are copy from Salamis and Musai, right? Where the heck Beam-Light saber came from?
“perfectly normal in a UC timeline” My ass, It perfectly normal because UC born first from other timeline. IF AW comes first, i bet you would said: First of all, funnels were conceptualized in AW and it’s perfectly normal in a AW timeline. It just matter if time when it roll-out first to public. Like i said “Can you see the fact Rose Gundam was ‘born’ before Rozen Zulu?”. You can take a fact Bit of Rozen is COPY.

Comment by Epsilon_013

^ Or just “Beyond the Rainbow” ??

Comment by superrobotwar

“Oh hellya I only dig good designs and I think faggots like you who suck up at cheap designs are really gay” Only look for good design, can take new bits design is copy from old design that outside UC, right? but can’t take if old UC design got copied by other design in AU. What a pity boy.
And you take too much contradiction concept in your mind. If talked the design based on real time, Zeta-Wing-Airmaster-Murasame-Kyrios Are there same design. Same concept yes, transformable MAMS. It still good untill now. So why funnel technology concept can’t? Even if you look closely MD is like a funnel too, But not controlled by brain wave but machine that ordered my operator. Same concept right?
Why your ass got burn-up because the re-use concept?

Comment by Fighters

If All Beam Shield that use by AU is cheap copy from F91. And All GN Barrier copy from I-Field. Let see if new gundam series will come out with old defense technology, Flare and Chaff. wkkk…

Comment by Epsilon_013

If AW was the original timeline then gundam would had been complete shit and never achieved the success it has gained so far. But i must agree with codename:V when it comes to people crying about not liking Gundam 00 and it’s mediocrity and shallowness. apparently you’re labed as a “Troll” if you don’t say that Gundam 00 is greatest thing to happen to gundam when it’s worst then Gundam seed.

Comment by Yazan

@ codename v
why you miserable idiotic malaysian monkey dont understand some simple facts about the gundam franchise.
first of all how a series will evolve and what is gonna happen in it are decision of the marketing department. if someone thinks that dressing one of the neutral-gender protagonist will make more girls watch the show then that will happen. decisions are made regarding what will bring more cash in bandai. that has to do nothing about the wishes of some fans, not to mention the uc elitists one like you.
alternative universes storylines was the only way for the gundam franchise to stay alive. keep that in mind, you yellow toned monkey.
no weapon or equipment is copy cat from something else. its just evolution.from your stupid beliefs someone will think that having a gundam a yellow antenna is straight copy-cat form the original gundam.
so try you asshole to be more creative about your mecha concepts and leave behind this faggotry thing, and the lame elitist critic.

Comment by fidi_kolovo

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I find myself actually agreeing with most of Codename:v’s argument against 00.

Particularly the shallow plot filled with loopholes, Graham/Bushido, and fucking Jesus-Raiser.

Any potential that season 1 gave it was thrown out the window.

Comment by thepyro

Funny, it seems everything you say is meant to evoke some sort of a negative response. To me, and anyone else who enjoy 00 it’s repetitive and annoying.

Tieria respected Neil as a comrade who saved his life, I’d be pretty damn grateful if someone saved my life too. Anew was a female. Get over it. Fans do that with ANY anime and find any excuse to pair characters up, a show shouldn’t be blamed for that.

Rehashed? I find there to be enough difference between S1 and S2 designs, if you want to complain about actual rehash, Destiny would be your place.

Alright, I can understand that argument a bit, but I also enjoy the 00 Raiser gaining more power and slowly becoming this invincible machine. In a way, it kind of mimicks Amuro and the way that he became an unstoppable machine.

If you think the mask was to hide Graham’s identity from the audience, please don’t be that dense, the director is smarter than that. The mask was used as something for Graham to lose his former identity and attain one that is purely for fighting. I do agree that he should get more airtime, but I think that having limited his airtime, they make those scenes just the more interesting. Not every scene needs more Graham.

Marina isn’t really at the similiar to Relena, Relena was a lame copy of Sayla while the only real thing Marina and Relena have in common is wanting the fight to stop. Though, I agree that her role hasn’t been too great, though I shall wait for the last episode for judgement on that.

Anew was used well enough, it was pretty apparent that she was an innovator, but I never suspected she would actually be conscientiously betraying CB like she did. I personally really enjoyed that episode.

Louise-Saji I’ve enjoyed since the first season since they provided a civilian view who got dragged into the war and the effects of that. While Louise went a bit cyber-newtype I believe they did enough with it to make it different. Especially when Saji actually decides to open-fire on gaga forces.

Marina and children’s songs were pretty cleverly used. Though, since they haven’t spent too much time on that, I’m waiting for the last episode to see.

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. And I disagree on most accounts. Kindergarten level? That’s just being overly bitter and ignorant.

Also, it’s a bit cheap to compare the latest Gundam series to a classic. The last episode hasn’t even aired.

I like how you use the term “faggotry” it really shows how you don’t even try to come up with well-defined insults. It’s also bigotry! 🙂


Comment by DarkCode

Also, CV, you are a troll mainly because of the WAY you are stating the opinion. With bigotry and harsh, meant to evoke overly-negative comments from fans. That is the definition of trolling. If you actually bothered to seem even a little bit more nice you’d be fine.

Comment by DarkCode


The title can be translated either way… “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or just “Over the Rainbow”. However, the later seems to be more popular.

Comment by Deacon Blues

fidi_kolovo: I think you are overreacting with that racist tone of yours, which only show that you’re more retarded than anyone else here. Now that’s bigotry for you, DC

Epsilon&Fighter: Well well well… What I am looking here are 2 little girls whining over Rozen Zulu’s Rose-shaped funnels which they claimed copied from G Gundam’s Gundam Rose. You fags still don’t get it, do you? It’s perfectly okay in UCverse but it also means G Gundam anime failed to jump out of UCverse’s shadow and SRW is exactly like that too. Who is a copycat now?

Darkcode: The longer you whine, the more you are covering up for each mediocre parts in 00 and I find them all nothing but excuses. Innovators are designed to be genderless, pretty much like Klinefelter’s XXY who are infertile. Anew is just one of those infertile XXY and it’s very gay for Lyle to fall for Anew. Boyloves are everywhere in 00 and magnified thru Tieria’s dance with another innovator, you still don’t know what YAOI really means? Marina’s retarded song is just a cheap distraction meant to fill up loose airtime when it be for Bushido, why are faggots so MOE over Marina’s kindergarten music classes? Gagas as missiles are probably the most stupidest idea ever conceived when all it takes is to nuke the CB shemales to smithereens, do I see some suicidal incitements in all that Gaga kamikaze? Throwing tantrums and whining only make you more immature, forcing opinions upon others is similar to forcing fandom to non-fans. 00 maybe good for you but others has different point of views and the point where you are overreacting like a religious zealot is worse than trolling. Perhaps you don’t know that presentation is everything, Mizushima is nothing more but a lolicon with a taste for boylove YAOIs and his faggotry 00 is a shameful example of Akihabaran shallow fetishism. Once again, Hayao Miyazaki was right about one thing: Taro Aso is an embarrassment.

Comment by codename:v

Immature? Sure, Everytime you comment you spew immature shit all over.

Genderless? Not exactly, they are meant to be a bit ambigious, but they clearly have genders.

Of course, I know what yaoi is, but until I see two dudes having sex on screen or kissing it clearly isn’t that.

I’ve never forced my opinion, I’ve just defended those points of the story because I see your complaints as unjustified. But your opinion is your opinion. All I ask is for you to stop being an ass.

Yeah, Mizushima who did FMA, which was so popular they are remaking it? Yeah, what a hackjob.

Hey, I’ve got a wonderful idea, how about if you hate the damn series so much you stop watching it? Seems only right.

By the way, I have not forced any fandom on anyone, nor do I wish to. I only wish to say that the show has many more positive notes than the garbage you claim it to be.

Though, you yourself follow your own beliefs as religion yourself, it’s funny how you project that on to me.

Comment by DarkCode

Wow! Gundam 00 is the greatest Gundam show!! Better than any UC!! Wow!!

Comment by amuro0093

“00 maybe good for you but others has different point of views and the point where you are overreacting like a religious zealot is worse than trolling.”

00 maybe terrible for you but others has different point of views and the point where you are trolling with a holier-than-thou attitude is worse than anything else.

See what I did there? If you hated it so much, why bother wasting your precious time keeping up to date about it? Do you have a fetish of watching something you hate?

Lastly, I’m entitled to voice out my opinions and I don’t force my opinions on everyone like the faggot lots of you because anything against faggotry is deemed trolling.
Wow, hipocrisy at it’s best. Since when wnyone here is forcing their opinions on you? Aren’t you the one forcing your opinions on us when you categorizes people who like something you hate as gays and faggots?

Comment by Guara

And this is why you don’t troll, V. You may be entitled to voice your opinion, but in the manner you pulled it off, expect harsh whiplash. Although, when you’re using that lame excuse of “I have the right to say whatever I want”… it’s pretty clear you can’t handle the argument. Hence, you fail. I think you’re better off not replying back to people. As I said before, you suck at it. >_>;;;

Comment by Nameless

i love to suck cock. i forgot to mention that.sorry to all faggots but i am a faggot too

Comment by codename:v

why dont you look to a mirror to see who is a retarded when you answer ,you malaysian monkey, only to the points that heart you.
you think you are an elite fan just because you show at deviantart your lame concepts, and swearing other fans for liking a gundam series that your small malaysian ape monkey cant understand why? try to shout your hate for the other non uc series in some lame forum. not here. most of the comments are swearing between you piece of shit and other fans that you have tested their patience instead of changing information and rumors for the franchise.
because unfortunately i dont know you so that i can break your monkey looking malaysian face in many bloody pieces, i am sure that you will keep us your a.u. hating company many many weeks to come.

Comment by fidi_kolovo

i own an apology to all malaysian readers out there. my hate for everything codenamev represents pulled out a very immaturish behaviour, and racist ofcourse. especially sorry for rekkou, that i have downloaded so many times his designs. sorry man

Comment by fidi_kolovo

By the way CV, if you ever call yourself mature again, I’m quoting that.

Comment by DarkCode

CV, ok can you make other weapon tech that can compare Funnel? How about using homing laser from omega boost/ZOE. oh we can’t because it wll copy comeone idea. Even armored core, if you like, copy funnel tech with name EO(Exceed Orbit) and in Gradius Gaiden there is OPTION. Are you blind? I said if the idea still look good untill today why don’t use it? And about design, THE FACT ROZEN’S BIT COPY FROM ROSES’!!
It is You fag still don’t get it! Who is the faggot now.

Comment by Epsilon_013

It seem you don’t got what i and Epsilon mean. I talked about Still you compared technology MS with MF, what a IDIOT. “You fags still don’t get it, do you?” That’s absolutely you. You’re the fag.
Stupid Moron Absolutely Idiot.

Comment by Fighters

*Groan* another worthful thread being ruined again by someone who deserves far less than what he’s given atm.

Comment by Yuu

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[…] @CHARSET "UTF-8"; .productRowEven { background-color:#DDD; } .productRowOdd { background-color:#FFF; } .arow { border-bottom: solid 2px #aaa; } .imagecell { width: 110px; } .imagecell a img { width:100px; border: 0; }#split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#splittitlebox {text-align: center;}#singletitlebox {text-align: center;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = 'none'; } function closesingledropdown() { document.getElementById('singletablelinks').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } MBF-P05LM Gundam Astray Uchiha Frame[WIP]SD Hyper Bazooka part 2This month’s Hobby MagazineSD Gundam Online เจาะลึกส่วนผสมหุ่น Rank S (ตอนที่ 1)Gordon Brown Is Like A Doctor With No Means To Treat The Illness – Gordon Brown es como un doctor sin los medios para tratar la enfermedadSD eXp Modeler Showcase: PPA’s SD Astray Blue Frame Second LSD Amatsu Mina by PPA!GundamUpcoming hobby kitsThis month’s Hobby Magazine […]

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