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Final boss for Gundam 00 2nd (spoiler)
March 24, 2009, 4:49 pm
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Reborns Gundam

Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4


Spoiler from 19.04 SECONDS

• The conclusions everyone wants are in the movie
• No one dies
• Ribbons Cannon, Ribbons Gundam
• In the battle between 00 and Ribbons Gundam, one solar furnace is stolen
• Allelujah becomes a supersoldier [again] and exits with Ribbons Fangs after beating up the Innovedo• In Exia R2 vs 0 Gundam, Exia triumphs
• Marina reads a letter, returns to Azadistan
• Kati and Patrick marry
• Homer dies in his home
• Innovado exist in/are part of a new organization
• Setsuna and company go to Juipter


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It would seem pretty apparent that suit will come out of the “guncannon” looking suit.

It’s pretty cool! I find the haro in the chest pretty amusing, haha.

Comment by DarkCode

the fanart looks like stargazer to me…

Comment by Mendagu

I guess they realize they can’t wrap up the story in one last episode again and decides to do it with a movie, lol

Comment by Guara

is the pic 4 official lineart? the drawing style is really different from the gundam artist of 00 i knew

Comment by rekkou

this is stupid, crap this thing out

Comment by ekon

Heheh… it has a Haro in its chest.

Comment by Anonymous

i was expecting a good ending for this series but this disapoints me, season 1 was much better

Comment by ekon

Hmmm, those spoilers seem a bit weird.

How the hell would there be enough of Exia left to fight with? Or how would the show possibly lead to that kind of fight? Seems there would be a slight time jump or something within the episode if that would be the case…

Comment by DarkCode

Exia R2?

Sounds similar to Astraea F2 upgraded with Exia parts, only now the case being Exia upgraded with 00 parts.
In particular, I could see this being Exia’s salvaged torso -the one piece of Exia that was still relatively intact after being recovered- fitted with 00’s appendages and weapons.

I have to agree with DarkCode above. It’s difficult to see them handling this inside 20 minutes of real time, suggesting a timeskip of some sort.

Perhaps Ribbons, unable to best the 00, simply snags one of its drives, ánd the 0 Gundam abandoned by Lasse?
Sounds a bit weird, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

The travel to Jupiter (with the Celestial Being colony ship I presume) would suggest a 7-14 year timeskip in between the end of season 2 and the supposed movie.
The mission to Jupiter is probably in order to reveal one final (alien?) secret left by Schenberg, or more likely, produce more true GN Drives to counter the leftover Innovedo (Healing Care?) now having a single true GN Drive stolen by Ribbons.

I heard that the 00 Novelisation mentioned that the original plan called for 10 GN Drives, but that it later got reduced to 5.

I could see Setsuna&Co reviving this original plan for perhaps 4-5 TDS equipped Gundams?

Comment by Thom Vermazeren

Of course! Haro is the main villain! XD

Comment by Nameless

Upon further review, the scanned picture doesn’t seem to have that Haro chest, it seems like it slopes downward rather than spherical.

Comment by DarkCode

While a movie would be nice, I’m not getting my hopes up for one, lest we forget the SEED movie that never was.

Comment by Zro

It would’ve been awesome to have a giant Haro sticking out of a mech =\

Comment by lxs

“Bad” Haro in the chest is so kitsch XD

Comment by Mazinkaesar

@rekkou: i dont think either that the 4 pic is official, but never the less is a more clear image of what the “final boss” gundam will like.

i find also the haro kitch, but…. lets say its original the least.. :P. ha ha.
one question also. i think the series so far hasnt explained the incident that happened in season 1. i mean in the start of an episode where some explorers find the “evil” purple haro many centuries ago.can anyone enlight me about this? thanks

Comment by fidi_kolovo

Oh yeah, forgot to mention how glad I am they decided to do a movie(Assuming the spoilers are true). Pretty pumped for that.

Comment by DarkCode

@ Fidi Kovolo.

The wrecked ‘Jupitris’ where Bad Haro was recovered 80 years prior to season 1’s start, was a CB mission to create GN Drives gone wrong.

It was Corner Faction’s men who were shown recovering the Bad Haro, subsequently implying that the incomplete information on it was used to eventually create the (pseudo) GN[T] Drives powering the Thrones and GN-Xs.

Comment by Thom Vermazeren

The first three pics look legit, looks like a magazine scan. the fourth one looks like someone’s lame joke based on the legit pic. Also those spoilers look totally bogus, especially the Exia parts.

Comment by yukigono

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