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Gundam 00P: Gundam Virtue Physical
March 27, 2009, 2:33 am
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The testing of the Gundam Virtue starts shortly after the Gundam Nadleeh’s is completed. This type specializes in a attack called “physical”. (lolwut) The test was conducted with the Sefer Rasiel piloted by Grave. However, an unexpected accident happend during the test and Grave was shot…

Information from Gundam|News

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Horrid… plus nerfing Virtue too
even though Virtue was lame anyways

Comment by Ereos

Absolutely fine for me, at last they put some use into Virtue’s leg, its a waste of space if its just a plain armor

Comment by Anonymous

Absolutely fine for me, at last they put some good use to Virtue’s leg, its just waste of space if its just a plain armor

Comment by Rekkou

another error, sorry for double post

Comment by Rekkou

So, Cgue Deep Arms cannon now?

Comment by Ed


… it IS the Cgue Deep Arms cannon. =O

Comment by Nameless

never thought that the Virtue will also have a P development. Previously i imagined the P variation to be boosting the existing virtue’s specs.

Comment by winter

Nice Kantutan Designs of Virtue. Kantutan

Comment by Kantooters

I like this design. Looks much more real world military. I wonder if the Nadleeh has any modifications as well.

Comment by Anonymous

I like this design. Very real world military design.

Comment by injuredpelican

Aw man, they’re running out of cool and foreign words for names!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Should’ve been “Virtue Projectile Type”. That would make more sense. At the moment I’m wondering if they have a “Virtue Mental” variant, haha.

Comment by Guara

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