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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Final Mission CM
March 27, 2009, 4:02 pm
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Final Mission CM,promo ep 25 ?

Comment by Debris

any other place like torrent ???
Megaupload is not working…..

Comment by extra

[…] hotnews ha trovato e messo on line il promo Tv dell’ultimo episodio della seconda stagione di Gundam […]

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It give not any data about ep25. -“-

Comment by Hyperion

I know the end is near but kind of sad. Look forward to Gundam00 every weekend. Now what?!

Nothing left but emptiness. I wonder why they didn’t drag this series like SEED.

Comment by Kosmos

Shitty show is finally over.

Comment by Anonymous

Doesn’t show too much, but that’s alright. Makes Saturday night all the much better.

Comment by DarkCode

Awesome show is finally over T.T

Comment by Anonymous

“Nothing left but emptiness. I wonder why they didn’t drag this series like SEED.”

Because if they do, the story would be dragged down the drain with overpowered Gundams, again. Let’s just cap that at Transarm burst, and start a new series with basic powered Gundams. UC would be fine as long as it’s not another OYW spinoff, though I would prefer a AU series with a little touch of Patlabor-esque realism.

Comment by Guara

completely agree with Guara on that, its better not to drag the show. An awesome 25th episode, and a final movie to tie loose ends would be perfect way to end the series imo.

Comment by kureha

Yeah,I definitely think the story was handled infinitely better than Seed and Seed Destiny, but I think that may be due to the director mainly. After watching FMA, it was actually my hope Bandai would pick him up for the next Gundam series, I was pleasantly surprised, hahaha.

I think I could go for a show about early Titans in the vein of something like Advance of Zeta.

Though, I think a Unicorn movie or OVA would be really awesome too.

Well, as long as they don’t bring Fukada back, I think Gundam will be in good hands.

Comment by DarkCode

Gundam oo may have impressive drawings and designs but the events are just not as cool as Gundam wing and Gundam seed.
I watched the Ep 20-24 and I was shocked to see how the events were so rushed and poorly done!
It could have been better.

Comment by The Spoiler

… Animesuki forum:

Movie confirmed for 2010.

Comment by Debris

Same here, but different websites:

Already check the website 2 times and no virus. Repeat: no virus

Comment by judo0054

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