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HGUC Hi-nu Gundam 1/144
March 30, 2009, 9:38 pm
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Release June, price 2,200 yen

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Yaha!!!! Finally come, look better than MG

Comment by NhEuOi

Wow, how come its very detailed yet cheaper than Nu?

Comment by Anonymous

Hi Nu HGUC looks fantastic. This and if they make the Nightingale will both be essential purchases.

Comment by F97 X-1

MG look better

Comment by Alex

Yeah.. How come price only 2200 JPY? Is it because Hi Nu smaller than Nu? Something is not right.

Comment by Epsilon_013

they BETTER make the nightingale.

Comment by RX-SIU

“MG look better”
No, Hi-Nu went from awesome to so-so because of that MG’s official design. This one head resemble the B-Club ver. which suppose to be Hi-Nu that’s gundams’s fan know.

Comment by LM

Kantutan The Best HG this year. Kantutan

Comment by Kantooters

When it comes to details, a MG definitely got more than a HG. When it comes to handicap level, a HG is a lot more easier than the MG. What I see here is a sign of regression where we see the rise of retards in the midst of all these 00 hot air. I simply don’t see the point of promoting UC themed MSs to 00fags because they are just too gay for Setsuna’s godliness and they think 00 is the genesis of all Gundams. How sad it is to see some toy-themed franchise turned into a cult for retards. What’s next? A mass suicide ala Heaven’s gate for retards to be Innovators or be one with VEDA?

Comment by codename:v

Did i mention that i am a faggot and a retarder myself??
i wish to get laid with all the 00 faggots and take it in the poo.

Comment by codename:v


Hmm, your second comment made a lot more sense. XD

Why? Let me put it this way with sarcasm… there is no way there is a retarded cult bringing of the UC universe. Of course not, because it’s older and you’re a fan of that series. >_>

Now this is not sarcasm… you fail again. =/

Comment by Nameless

Wohoho.. CV got another bible for all 00 fan not to buy UC era kit. CV, who deside what we can buy, what we can’t? One thing i know not you

Comment by Epsilon_013

CV seems to think it isn’t possible to love both 00 and UC. I for one love the Hi-Nu Gundam. I’d use stronger words to describe his idiocy, but then I might get his filth on me.

Comment by yukigono

Hi Nu Gundam!

Comment by codename:v

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