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Previews MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka Titanium Finish
March 30, 2009, 10:01 pm
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Damn! Looks fantastic.

Comment by DarkCode

Holy crap I take back what I said in another thread it looks gorgeous! Also is that a twin gatling gun? I remember they released a pair for the original Unicorn but they were difficult to get hold of.

Comment by F97 X-1

Whats the price hmmmm
Im waiting for Unicorn Banshee

Comment by Ereos

Around 80 dollars, I think. Might even be more….ouch ><

Comment by DarkCode

Eww, silver. I love silver on MS in general but this much metallic silver is yucky.

Comment by Amon

I came.

Comment by Zachalmighty

Isn’t this like the third Unicorn?

I really would like to see something not pandering to Universal Century, Bandai.

Comment by AnKylo

I would buy it…it it was chromed instead of being slightly “metallic”.

Comment by Guara

I would prefer to stick to the normal ver.KA better scince it is more relistic.

Comment by The Spoiler

F97 X-1:
If you think Bandai would release a beam gatling gun set in this one, dream on because that was a limited merchandise sold together with the 4th book. Fags don’t read at all

AnKylo: There are quite a number of non-UC MGs out there. G Gundamx2, SEEDx6, and a TurnA
Looks to me, another 00fag who thinks Gundam starts with 00.

Comment by codename:v

dammit why did this set get to have the gattling gun? i hate it when bandai does this….

Comment by buff

Looks to me, someone’s being butthurt because he’s not getting the UC MGs he wanted other than 2.0. Stop being an ass, CV.

Comment by Guara

@ codename v
first of all hello fag
if you open a little bit your eyes instead of sucking cocks, you will notice that this gatling gun has the same mettalic coating as the model. the gatling gun that you mention is for the regular version. the truth is that bandai has no problem for charging much more yen for just a recolor of an allready released kit, but in this occasion the almost 3.00o yen more means that we will get the special colored gatling gun as well.
also ANKYLO didnt mention anything about gundam 00. why you have to be so hostile, asshole? you want to be so popular that it doesnt matter if you act like the son of a bitch you are? why you have this nickname also? you think that you acting like the protagonist of the comic?
i wish there was some registration for the comments so we wont bother to answer to asholles all the time

Comment by fidi_kolovo

I believe that the Gatling Gun shown in that picture was simply a paint job, Bandai would’ve make it a selling point in their advertisements if it was included for real.

Comment by Guara

I’d think that people would learn to ignore v by now rather than making idiots of themselves >.>

Comment by Ed


We usually do when he’s indirect. But, for some reason, V ran out of things to say and started commenting on other people. This usually means…


“someone’s being butthurt” and it’s V. Exactly.

Comment by Nameless

@fidi_kolovo :
“you think that you acting like the protagonist of the comic?”
He always think that he is protagonist in the name of UC, antagonist for AU, for protecting UC. And now he look like, one of the character he hated most, Setsuna’s “ore wa gundam”, CV become Hikikomori Autism.

Comment by Epsilon_013

It really would help your collective case if one of you could learn to type correctly in English. Just sayin’, bros. Got nothin’ against you guys wailling on CV for being CV.

Comment by Amon

CV is just an autistic idiot, ignore him.

Comment by DarkCode

Hey CV you idiot stop spamming here and go to youporn and do your job.

Comment by Mr. Bushido

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