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HGUC Nu Gundam HWS boxart
March 31, 2009, 12:45 am
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The riffle look like face at japanese mask. I don’t know what it called, red face with long nose -_-‘

Comment by Fighters

You mean a noh or kabuki mask?

Comment by Anonymous

The gun looks more like a Shyguy. XD

Comment by Nameless

Something tell me this isn’t real.

Comment by Tunlaw

He means Tengu mask

Its real, the illustration is made by Koma, the same guy who’ve done Nu Boxart

Comment by Rekkou

Very nice box art. Very nice Kit. Kantutan

Comment by Kantooters

While you faggots can pay so much attention to how the rifle look some masks, it only reminds me of the cuttle fish I saw the other day. You fags watched too much Mr Bushido.

Comment by codename:v

Damn, codename v. Chill out, man! Just be cool!

Thanks SRW for the boxart update. Looks pretty cool!

Comment by Anonymous

“Its real, the illustration is made by Koma, the same guy who’ve done Nu Boxart”

Since it’s pretty close to April Fools day, I’m gonna be skeptical for now.

Go ahead call me paranoid but the composition of the figure look kind of… OFF.

BTW, I think the “tip” of the rifle look more like this mask (the red one)

Comment by Tunlaw

now if only they would release a 1/144 Nightingale…

Comment by gabgrave

awww…. once again Codename.Faggot jumps in to rescue a UC mecha….

Comment by kureha

V gets butt hurt YET again. XD

Comment by Nameless

The Nu doesn’t need to be rescued by jack shit. It’s one of the few supreme mecha of the UC and it’s completly undefeated by anyone. It works good and looks good. This HWS version is no exception.

Comment by Amon

“it only reminds me of the cuttle fish”
that’s more worse than mask.
too high imagination…

Comment by Epsilon_013

Im gonna buy it.If it already,I’ll buy straight away.I also wanna know the price and where i could get this

Comment by Izzat

And finally when we thought CV would finally leave us, he showers with his infinite maturity and humble demeanor.

Comment by DarkCode

I wouldn’t worry about CV, that idiot will never respect anyone in his life. He is too busy being the personification of /b/ to have a personality of his own.

Comment by DarkCode


Comment by Kantooters

yoh baigan su ni ferut asiva futa ena mu HWS Nu. go asu ter ferut libug ka yu. am futa ka yu

Comment by Mr. Bushido

What does a tengu mask have to do with Mr Bushido? Nothing. Just like what’s in c:v’s head.

Comment by Anonymous

So…. does anyone want to talk about HWS art or how butthurt CV is? Personally the art looks cool.

Comment by F97 X-1

Wow, first time I’ve seen Nu HWS on a model (cover).

Comment by Yuu

Arigatō – suckers!

Comment by Esake

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