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Upcoming hobby kits
April 3, 2009, 3:42 pm
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Update clear pics.

HG Arche Gundam


HG  Gundam Exia Repair II


Gundam Astray Gold Frame 1/100


00 Raiser Designer’s Color Ver. 1/100


HGUC Schuzrum Dias


HG 0 Gundam (Operational Type)


MG G Armor Real Type color – June, 9,800 yen




HGUC Hi-Nu 1/144



VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom 1/72 (plastic kit) – June



MG Gouf Ver. 2.0

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Hi Nu is looking damn sexy. But looks like it will require some paint for the finer details, which is always a must! Ozama’s VF 25S Custom has cooler super parts than the previously released ones. MG Gouf looks ok but Gouf Custom Ver 2.0 is a must of they ever release one.

Comment by F97 X-1

Nice, they at least changed the color scheme and added lights(In the head) to the 00 Raiser!

Comment by DarkCode

So….what’s the difference between the normal Exia and the Repair II besides cash-grab opportunities?

Comment by Ed

Both Exias are exactly the same apart from R2 has GN Sword III and the GN drive opens up. I plan to get it give GN Sword III to 00 and give it another colour scheme.

Comment by F97 X-1

Gold Astray? Wait, wha~…
They already have Astray Gold Frame Amatsu, that is much more cooler than simple Gold Frame even with bazooka.

Comment by Rune

Hate to be picky F97, but there are quite a few small differences between the Exia and the Exia R2, actually.

-Leg plates are solid above the knee.
-GN condensers on the knee are also solid white.
-Rubber band materials seem to be removed.
-Ass panels are entirely different.
-Shoulders are vented on the front and back(with an extension.)
– Beam sabers are located on the waist, instead of elsewhere.
-Of course the GN Sword’s blade was upgraded to mimic the GN Sword III, though, it mechanic and operation is the same as the original.

Those are the ones I saw.

Comment by DarkCode

Agree with Dark Code.

In the final battle,the moment Exia R2 shot O Gundam shortgun,we can clearly see its not the same GN Sword III that 00 Gundam use.

So folks,no compatible GN Swords III for these two fella…nice going BanDai.

Comment by kalam00

Zaku V2.0 was pure awesomeness, (must buy more), but the gouf V.2.0 looks like it didn’t got the same aesthetics treatment the zaku did. I was hoping for a more beecraft redesign, instead, we get same old okawara.

I’ll wait for the Gouf Custom.

Comment by Nab

[…] are extremely expensive yet worth it for some. And now Hi-Nu will be released as HG kit! More here! 0 Comments No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack […]

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It looks like the MG Gouf Ver 2.0 can kneel unlike the first version.

Comment by julian3183

i hope the next mg they release will be a mg legend followed by a mg akatsuki

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

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