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Shin Mazinger Z Op/Ed
April 5, 2009, 6:43 pm
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Op –

Ed –


Here are some screens capture from Op.


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New cast is definetely different from what I’m used to, but still very awesome 😀

Kinda weird voice for Koji though, almost too modern. Hopefully he still sounds good when using the normal attacks.

Comment by Ed

The OP and ED is not that BAD.When is it released cause im going to download it

Comment by Izzat

when sub release..

It was really awesome, but i cant understand what happen in the scenes xD

Comment by Akudean@Altgeinst

Why do people even bother asking when the subs will be out? No one knows. It’s not as though subbers are on a schedule.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Oh, wait, so this video squence is an OP? Damn.. It’s very good, but I hoped for normal OP with JAM Project’s song…

Comment by Rune

That’s not the OP. That’s the opening sequence when Kouji has a monolouge and fights Ankoku Daishogun.

Comment by Anonymous

The first epidode seems a collage of the next, final episodes… :O

Comment by MazinKaesar

Shin Mazinger z ep1 is so disappointing
It was totally unexpected.
Like they were making fun of Mazinger!
Unrelated and stupid events
Nothing made sense
Let’s see what happens in the next ep
I hope that ep1 was nothing but a cheap trailer to the series.

Comment by The Spoiler

How come it didn’t make sense? Being an obvious rushed summary with possible plot elements being introduced and explained in a summarized way, sure? But Not Making Sense? If anything, it was full of explanations.

Either way, Not surprised, if i recall correctly, the director loves to do this kind of “action packed summary like” first episodes, so for all i know, i’ll wait for the real beginning before judging, yet, i’ll admit that, regardless of this “summary” i still enjoyed it, but i hope they make sure they’ll properly develop the story from episode 2 onward.

Comment by Metzen

Unfortunately first episode shin mazinger z is pen-ultimate for final episode. U guys noyice that Sayaka already pilot Diana A. In official website show her Aphroda A, Zeus appear and Mazinger already got God Scrander. Then in the end of first episode show next title for episode 2 “Activate! Mazinger! That mean, 2nd episode is the beginning for everything.

Comment by Akudean

Here is a rip of the opening song, so you can listen to it many times as I do until the singl goes retail:

[audio src="" /]


Comment by Daniel Alfaro

[…] Hotnews ha messo on line in queste ore le immagini della sigla – OP ed ED – di Shin mazinger la versione 2009 del Vero […]

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