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Direct feed screens for SD Gundam G Generarion Wars
April 6, 2009, 8:06 pm
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I’m actually curious with how Trans-Am works, will it be automatic like F-91 or manually like Blue Destiny? but in SRW i think it’ll be a final attack instead of system. And Trinity’s attack is more of like a special combination attack than a standard combination attack

Comment by Rekkou

I hope they will use Special Attacks, that can be triggered only on full tension.

Comment by GEF_pilot

reckon trans-am will be activated and works for like 3 turns remember in the anime they could activate it anytime and it only work for ashort time

Comment by Ereos

Looks like it’ll be special attack, considering there’s an attack like Stargazer’s Voiture Lumiere, Wing’s Twin Buster rifle also has an animation like the SRW version

Comment by Anonymous

Trans Am will most likely either be activated dependant on morale level, attack based, or it will be activated when you get to a certain damage level.
It would be far too broken if it was a switch effect :p

Comment by Ed

Well if its a special attack that would mean that they include them again which would be awesome <.< man did I miss them in Spirits(together with the block system durr).

Comment by Raz

Will the gundams from gundam 00 includes season 2?

Comment by Mendagu

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