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Gundam Festival 2009 booklet
April 6, 2009, 8:31 am
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tot kan

Comment by Mr. Bushido

is this like a convention?

Comment by jerry

GAYdam convention? Most likely it will be with all the pretty boys from both seiyuus and CB shemales on posters, this is definitely YAOI heaven. The last time boyzband idolization was used in Wing and now Bandai reuse it again in 00, only with homosexual made more obvious than Wing. Behold! Your Gundam, Mamoru Miyano! Thou shalt suck cock!

Comment by codename:v

well apparently GAYness was certainly started in the UC timeline,by amuro and char and not Wing.. no comments on that eh Codename:Faggot?

Comment by kureha

Man, CV’s obsessed with the cock.

He constantly remakes the gundam universe in his own image every time he types, I bet he’s made some great gay fan fiction.

Comment by DarkCode



Kamen Rider..

codename:v raiser!!!

Comment by codename:v

Absolutely crazy, this is awesome.

Comment by DarkCode

Well the last 2 picture looks so Gay
ohh please !! what is this !!
whats with the flower ?

Comment by The Spoiler

what is this
are A gay one
or want to be one
gay raiser
my ass

Comment by orwah

Holy shit that’ looks gay.

Comment by PowerStone

…I don’t see how he’s gay when he already impregnated someone, plus he’s engaged…

Comment by lxs

Irino Miyu…… If he pilots Exia R2 in Last Episode……… it will be great……
I really want to see that Saji Crossroad pilots Gundam……. (In Movie… I hope)

Comment by extra


Comment by orwah


Comment by orwah

I would kill all gays like you and send back to my deepest hell. And i love to see all of you rotten slowly in front of me. -Krauser II-

Comment by DMC

Wow, people here really seem to like to throw the word “gay” around. It’s really pathetic…

Comment by DarkCode

[…] Gundam Festival 2009 booklet […] […]

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Gosh….gay here gay there….

Actually what’s wrong with the guy in the booklet…anyway ? They just the seiyuu for celetial being characters, or you guys prefer the anime itself is voice-less like good old 80’s cartoon instead ?


Comment by sbhboi

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