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Reborns Gundam
April 7, 2009, 7:29 pm
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Update more scans from Newtype Mag.


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i really like reborns gundam…. very innovative design tat has a bit Code Geass feeling in within.

This is one baddie that i give it a thumbs up for design beside Turn X and Devil Gundam

Comment by sotbest

Im Gonna guy it no matter how much is it cause i can transform

Comment by Izzat

just hope the model looks good

Comment by Ereos

00’s twin drive, Cherudium’s bits, Arios’s transformation and claws, and Seravee/Seraphim’s modes.

yep, Ribbons stole the best parts from the fourth gen Gundams and combined them.

Comment by Avasuule

looks like a GM suit.

Comment by ottoto

The back of the ‘GM’-mode looks a bit odd, but otherwise a must-have. I’ll most certainly have to get two of these.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Looks awesomely badass, and the trasnformation looks fairly simple so it may be available for 1/144, unless Bandai decides for another money making trick again

Comment by Anonymous

Bandai will milking more money if there’s market for them…^^” I’ll say… 1/100 Reborn Cannon / Gundam ?

Comment by sbhboi

i was expecting a ‘cast-off’ transformation like the one with nadleeh, but this was awesome.. would love to have this figure too, but theres so many other figures in the ‘waiting’ list already =.=

Comment by kureha

Reborn should changes it name to “Reverse” since it’s a Gundam with 2 fronts and probably no ass with the pilot is dickless. This buttless Gundam is just merely a prop meant to end prematurely for the half-ass final showdown of the 0 and Exia that just cut out the steam of the entire show. Seriously, an ending without a big bang only render the entire show forgettable and barely leave any impressions behind. After 2 years of airing, it all blands out like excessive water melt by ice in your coke. I guess the only memorable thing about this 00 faggotry would be Tierria in a dress which leave a GAY impression, truly made for YAOI purpose.

Comment by codename:v

But that leasves the question of, is Tieria a man to begin with? >_>

Comment by Ed

ahhahaha butless design? so now Codename:Faggot rants about a gundam being butless? my my, maybe Katoki should design a gundam specially for this fag, with beam lasers as dick and boosters in the ass to make this katoki fanboy fag happy….

Comment by kureha

Oh oh oooohhhh…….
I….. I………..
I love Faggot Gundam!!! I want to ride it!!!!!

Faggot Gundam!!!!!


Comment by codename:v

Don’t forget!!!

Faggot Gundam!!!!!


Comment by codename:v

I want Faggot Gundaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

~~ KISS ~~

Comment by codename:v

I think you forget the most important thing about having a assless gundam… No one can ever say they kicked your ass!

Comment by Al

Butts, in my GUNDAM!? Holy crap kill it with the Guntank!


At least we know how much you actually love 00 (for 2 years) that you find the abrupt end of battle to be cutting off your steam.

Comment by Guara

What is this ?
you call this a Gundam ?
what a shame.

Comment by The Spoiler

@The Spoiler>>
Oretachi no gundam. My butless gundam

Comment by codename:v

Well, you can’t call the Reborns Gundam a ripoff, because… What the hell is it?
I don’t care too much, I just like it x3
Goddam Bandai got me hooked on the Robot Damashii figures, so they better release one for it.

Comment by HathawayNoa

[…] Reborns Gundam Update more scans from Newtype Mag. […]

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Oh hellya I enjoy giving 00 the sledgehammer treatment because it’s just too much faggotry for me to handle, so I pick up the hammer and whack it to bits since there’s nothing worthy of digesting other than homosexual pornographic AVs made for YAOI fags.

Q: What would happen to a GAY fag express his love for a STRAIGHT guy?

A: A sledgehammer shoved up his GAY ass

Comment by codename:v

a banhammer

Comment by codename:v


Comment by eee

i am not aira

Comment by aira is a good girl


Comment by pinoy

I like the design. Very unique, and pretty crazy strong in the show. Certainly a worthy final bad guy mecha. I like Devil Gundam, and it has a head crotch. So a buttless gundam doesn’t seem so bad.

Comment by InjuredPelican

butless…hmmm… still not sure but, which side is the f-cking front? does reborns just sound like ribbons with an accent? if it has two sides, then which direction is ribbons facing? does his chair like, turn around when reborns transforms? while fighting, he probably switch between transformations back and forth, back and forth, back and f-(pukes). even if he’ an excellent pilot, wouldnt he got a lot of motion sickness if that was the case? there’s a lot of things i wonder about this thing. i’ll get the model when i can. a model, of a butless repeat:BUTLESS gundam.

Comment by mr.seiei

OMG!just saw the reborns gundam against 00 on youtube. that fight was amazing! it was rather weird how tieria came out from the veda system and the fact that he…was…completely… naked…YAOI much.cherudim go boom 😦 and 00’s head got cut of. and his left arm. Dejavu much. guess 00’s taking really taking after exia. wait, in a way, exia and 0 are 00’s parents, seeing as it has parts from both of them. aww, like father like son. 00 takes after exia more, and seems to share the same part losing preferences. all that. from a butless gundam.

Comment by mr.seiei

Reminds me of the Cerberus Ignite.

Comment by glemtvapen

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